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    The politics of firearms insurance, and firearms Bills

    $5 million firearms liability insurance in Canada, $9.95 per year.
    (Legal hunting activities, Legal bowhunting activities, Legal shooting activities, Legal archery activities, Legal fishing activities, Legal re-enactment activities. Anywhere in the World! here)
    Of that $9.95, it's estimated that $9 of it covers administrative processing expenses, and $0.95 covers the insurance fund for payouts.

    $95 per year for Firearms Legal Defence.
    Pays for a criminal (not civil) defence attorney if you're charged with the improper use, storage, transportation, display or handling of a firearm, or situations where you use a firearm for self defence.
    The insurance excludes knowing, illegal or reckless acts. In other words it's primarily for when you've been charged but are innocent, thus punishment by process. (here)

    So, from a Canadian insurance underwriter's point of view, your odds of having a firearm in a legal way and charged-while-innocent are over 9 times more likely than using your firearm in a legal way that causes harm or property damage


    76 drownings in pools this year in Ontario, how many accidental deaths or homicidal deaths involving licenced/registered firearms? Two? 2.5 Million firearms in Ontario, less than 100,000 pools. Why is it my home owners insurance nearly doubles for having a pool, and does not increase 1 cent for having a firearm in it? Because actuaries who study numbers and risk, have determined that the risk of injury and death from firearms, including negligent use is so small that it does not even register as even a minor change of risk.
    The criminal and negligent use of legal firearms is so statistically small even insurance companies don't even regard it as a risk.
    -- August 4, 2010

    money never lies, i paid $7.50 for 2 million of insurance for "any legal hunting or shooting activity excluding on horses" and i paid ~$1400 for a year of insurance on my truck
    -- mikeman20
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    "...from a Canadian insurance underwriter's point of view..." More about the cost per hour for any lawyer. Lawyer's fees usually start at $250 + per hour.
    Any re-enactment activities should be covered by the club's insurance. Although a lot of those policies are to CYA the executives of those clubs. Same as gun club liability insurance.
    Other activities usually cover you for any property damage you cause while doing 'em. Can't imagine what you'd do while fishing though.
    "...drownings in pools this year..." There are all kinds of municipal by-laws pertaining to back yard pools. Both above ground and in. Lotta friggin' water waiting to be unleashed. Plus the liabilities involved with pools and kids.
    " many accidental deaths or homicidal deaths involving licenced/registered firearms..." It doesn't appear that anybody in government keeps such records. Stats Canada says gang related murders, 25% of all killings, increased 15% in 2017.

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