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    The Goal - The Enemy - Belief

    If we wish to resolve our firearms issues, we must understand the following three things:

    1. The goal.

    2. The enemy.

    3. What we must believe.

    My take on the above follows.

    1. The goal is to end the civil disarmament agenda. To be specific, the goal is to repeal every firearms specific law and regulation in Canada. If that is not achieved, we will inevitably be disarmed.

    2. The gungrabbers and their laws and regulations are the enemy. The gungrabbers intend to disarm you or make you a criminal. Every firearms specific law and regulation is designed to serve that intent.

    3. We must believe that it is possible to achieve our goal, or we will fail!
    To show that men can travel to the moon and return, use the American experience.

    To show that public safety isnít hurt by responsible individuals carrying to protect life, use the American experience.

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