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Thread: ATVs

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    These are who I was thinking of. A few funky ideas and interesting price points for some stuff...

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    Those electric machines look pretty neat. Wave of the future I suppose

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    Have you looked into a Side by Side? I have owned multiple quads and dirt bikes over the years but, after I crashed pretty badly on mine the wife talked me into a SXS. I was VERY apprehensive at first and wanted nothing to do with it but bought it to make her happy thinking I would sell it at the end of the year. After the first few rides I would NEVER own a quad again!!! Those things are an absolute BLAST to drive!!! As a bonus, I use mine as a utility vehicle at our lake cabin all the time. Here is the one I own....

    Definatley cheaper versions out there but....

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    I'm still satisfied with my 1999 Yamaha Wolverine. Air cooled 350 (it does also have an oil cooler). Full time 4x4, solid rear axle. It's done everything I've asked it to do with 100% reliability. A battery now and then, and replacing the winch controller switch is all I've had to do.
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    Sill have a 2001 Arctic Cat 500 left over from my ranching days. The electrical system left a lot to be desired but mechanically its been sound.
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    Buy once cry once. Honda Forman. 3 year old and just fill up the gas and change the oil yearly.
    I bought the CANADIAN EDITION RUBICON 500. 2nd would be a Yamaha. Wish I would of went with a smaller cc engine like 350/400. A 350 with a trailer will take out a whole moose.
    I've owned Polaris(pos) and rented a CanAm.meh.
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    I'll most likely end up getting a Honda if I ever get one.
    They give discount for OFAH.
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