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Our challenge as gun owners in Canada is that we are fighting a defensive war, trying to give as little ground as possible at each encounter.

That's largely because we do not have, in law, a fundamental right to bear arms as a backstop. One can argue that a "law of mankind" (or the like) to gun ownership is absolute. But that is not a defensible position in Canada so it is easily swept away.

We are dependent entirely upon consensus, the mood of the day, the political will...or the lack there-of of any of these things.

I cannot fathom Canada broadly ever adopting a fundamental right such as the 2nd amendment as in the US.

As a result it will always be a war to keep the gains of the other side as small as possible over the long term. The only thing that changes that reality is a change to the reality of what Canada is. It's current structure, coalition of regions and provinces, and Constitution, will never accommodate it. In the current reality, we are destined only to fight the long retreat.
Agreed, best defense is the good offense, we got to aim for something bigger.