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I'm just looking at things empirically. Everywhere I see people thinking that more government will solve their problems. Everywhere I see people that have replaced the old deities with blind faith in government. It's increasingly rare to find people who recognize that an overbearing government _is_ the problem.

Atheism has become its own religion, and is a product of the past two centuries of humanist/collectivist philosophy... it didn't exist as far as I can tell from the ancient history you're relying on for an argument. Then again, the victors get to write the history.

The rulers weren't put there by a supreme being- borders were/are decided when the competing armed gangs decided that to fight any more was too costly for the benefits to be obtained.

Notwithstanding the fact that rulers of yore (ignoring some in the present) were for the most part quite overbearing, often violently so, and used organized religion to control the masses, people individually still need that private space to organize their hopes and fears, which we label faith.

I submit that praying for the strength to deal with the shit that befalls you will make you less susceptible to the suggestion that some imperfect human or group of humans will have the answers to your questions.

Sorry if you don't see it that way, enjoy your time in the gulag when they come for you.
There are many points of your post that I agree with...I would add that the passive compliance of many of the urbanites is directly connected with ignorance, unwillingness to expand their horizons, and steady "conditioning" on the Government part starting from early school years. I do NOT depend on Gov. handouts...never have, never will! Maybe we will see each-other one day in the Gulag because we will not comply...lol