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    I decided to send my MP an email.


    Subject: Restriction by Obfuscation

    Mr. Barrett,

    As a firearm owner and as one who opposes the Liberals' Bill C-71, I'm sure you can appreciate my frustration with the state of gun ownership in our country. I write you today to voice a concern with the RCMP's Canadian Firearms Program. To be clear, I have many concerns, but today I'm focused on one in particular.

    My RPAL was up for renewal this year. As expected, I received a notice 90 days before the expiry. Due to a busy schedule and personal reasons, I was only able to submit my renewal 33 days before the expiry date. I didn't believe this to be a problem, because it hadn't been in the past. The CFP's online portal confirmed the receipt of my renewal application on April 24.

    The online portal currently states that my renewal application has been processed and that my license has been issued. It goes on to say that if I haven't received my licence within 2 weeks to contact the CFP at their toll-free number. I did just that 10 weeks after my application was submitted. On July 8, all I was told was that there is a delay in processing due to a backlog. When I pressed for more information, little to none was provided.

    I expressed to the agent my concern with not having a valid RPAL on my person. I explained that this is a problem when attempting to make a firearm or ammunition purchase, emphasizing that my current RPAL is not valid. The agent explained that all gun stores have access to the CFP database to verify the validity of my RPAL. This is well and fine if a purchase is made at a retail outlet, but explaining this to the store clerk is time consuming and makes them skeptical. It also poses a problem when making a purchase from an individual. Said individual doesn't have access to the CFP database. Sure, a simple phone call might suffice but only if done during CFP business hours. I usually do my shopping after hours and on the weekends.

    While this may seem trivial to some people, it certainly isn't to me. I'm vetted by the federal authorities on a daily basis thanks to their continuous eligibility program. Yet their ineptitude in resolving so-called "technical circumstances" is preventing me from participating in a perfectly legal activity. You may be aware of an article that made the rounds on social media. It references the CFP having slowed down the printing of firearm licenses. “Due to technical circumstances, the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) is producing firearms licence cards in a limited capacity between March 11 and June 7, 2019,” a spokeswoman for the Ottawa-based Royal Canadian Mounted Police told on May 15. (

    It's mind boggling that this organization can't get their ducks in line. How difficult is it really to process a renewal and print a plastic card? I've been waiting 80 days, and counting. I understand that the CFP has over 2 million licenses to manage, but let's look at some other organizations' numbers for comparison. Ontario has a population of over 14 million. That's a lot of health cards. Of those, there are nearly 10 million that also have a drivers license. Shortly after I sent my RPAL renewal application, I renewed my health card and drivers license. All said and done, it took 10 days or less. Why were they able to process my renewal so efficiently?

    I understand that the province of Ontario may have a larger budget for those two services than the CFP does for theirs. However, since they're no longer supposed to be maintaining a Long Gun Registry, one would be under the impression that it would free up some time for managing the licensing program. Now I say "supposed to" because, contrary to what the authorities would like us to believe, we all know that the LGR is still in existence no thanks to the province of Québec's fight in favor of a registry. I also have no doubt that the CFP is busy preparing for the Liberals' changes to firearm legislation. But those are topics of discussion for another day.

    In closing Mr. Barrett, I want to thank you for supporting Canadian legal gun owners. I suspect I'll be contacting you again in the near future to express my opinions on other subjects during this year's federal election campaign. In the meantime, I'm left wondering what major malfunction the RCMP's Canadian Firearms Program is dealing with that is resulting is my inability to take part in my pursuit to become a better marksman and hunter.



    Honourable Bill Blair, Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction
    Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
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    " Armalite is..." Still only the receiver that's got a S/N. Hence, it's only the receiver that's actually registered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awndray View Post
    I'm gonna start calling the CFP every time I disassemble my firearms for a thorough cleaning, and then again when I reassemble them. After all, I'm modifying them, aren't I?
    You've got more time and patience than I.

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