Ahhh, gotcha.

No, I think 16" is the perfect length for an AR, but ideally I'd like to not have any redundancy.

I've already got my 10.3" DD Mk18 that's definitely going to stay as-is. I'm not parting that out at all. It's not really super light, though. It's light-ish, but not super light, as the barrel is pretty stubby and I've got it loaded with attachments.

My other one that I bought when the crunch was on last month is the 16" Sig Tread, which I didn't really need but I was just impressed that Sig sold a $1099 Cdn AR so I got it. When I picked it up, I was impressed with how light it was.

That leaves the only kind of AR that I don't have as being a long barrel precision AR, which granted is pretty dumb since we can't hunt with them anyway (unless the Cons do the simplified classification system).

I'd like my spare parts build to be a light gun though, which can't really happen with an 18-20" barrel.

I do have the Stag10 with an 18.5" barrel, but I'm trying to make that more of a general purpose hunting gun than a precision rig (and obviously it's 7.62 so not the same).

The aim of this new build is supposed to be for new shooters to beat up so my "good" ARs don't have to take thousands of rounds of needless abuse, and new shooters wouldn't care about the difference anyway.

That way they could logically work up from the 10/22 to the KelTec Sub2000 in 9mm to this lighter AR.

I'm finding it to be a bit of a pain to get all of the light parts together, though, as no store seems to have the main three parts remaining (light minimalist stock, light minimalist BCG, and lighter pencil barrel).

Long answer to your question, but no I think 14-16" is perfect for an AR barrel length, especially if you're going to have just one. If you have multiples, though, I'd have a 10, 16, and 20.