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    Scope for shooting at 25 yards?

    I am looking for a new scope, specifically for Mapleseed/Appleseed events. My requirements are as below:

    - Generous eye relief
    - Forgiving eye box
    - Adjustable focus and parallax down to 10-15 meters
    - Magnification minimum 2 or 3x, maximum is not as important, maybe between 9 and 15

    Budget is 600$, of course lower is better.

    I have seen much recommendations for the:

    LEUPOLD VX-FREEDOM EFR 3-9x33 (SKU:175075)

    Any other recommendations or points to look for?

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    Leupold are astonishingly expensive in Canada compared to same model in the U.S. but it can't be purchased over the border.

    I had a similar quest for a rimfire type scope awhile ago and decided on parallax adjustment because most scopes are fixed to be parallax free at 100 yards. The rimfire scopes are usually 50 yards parallax free, so still no help for shorter range. The parallax issue can be skipped if you want to spend some time getting your eyeball into the perfect eyebox area. For hunting at short range, that time usually isn't available, and I like my range time to have some similarities to what I do for hunting.

    I ended up with the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 3-9 40mm. But my budget was lower so you might find other options. Vortex is another brand that gets some buzz. The Bushnell works, but I can't compare it to others.

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    I have the Bushnell Rimfire Multi-X Reticle Riflescope, 3-12x 40mm on my .22. Works very well.

    Multi-X reticle and 3-12x magnification a good mid-power choice for longer range applications
    Side parallax focus from 10 yds./9m To infinity
    Multi-Coated optics for crisp, clear images
    1/4 M.O.A. Fingertip windage and elevation adjustment
    Dry-Nitrogen filled scope prevents the presence of moisture that can fog lenses

    About $200.00 on Amazon.

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    Look at the Hawke line, many airgunners use them and they will handle 22LR. Since alot of them, are spring gun rated with more violent recoil than 22.

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    Profit River is having a sale on Nikon scopes. Might be worth a look.
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    I like the Leupold VX freedom rimfire ones myself, as they work well with my eyes - some scopes I just can't get crosshairs and target in focus at the same time.

    On the advice of a random web page talking about "the best" rimfire scopes I tried one of the Bushnell Dusk/Dawn ones and found it quite nice. Only $150 at the time, so it's probably on my re-buy list.

    I don't know if I'd buy another rimfire-specific scope again over something that has an adjustable objective. Not unless I was making an aesthetic choice, like the Leupolds were (they set off a CZ452 so nicely...)
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