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Thread: BCL102 Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyCuda View Post
    I was the reason NEA stopped posting pictures on CGN for a long time.

    I have been highly critical of them for a number of years.

    The BCL102 is a flawed rifle, but it can and will run. I knew I was getting something I would have to play with to get it to run right. What NEA accomplished with this rifle and the risks they took are tremendous.

    So for what the rifle represents, the effort and risk it took to actually get it to market as a non-restricted rifle, it's worth every penny. It is possible to have a flawed product that is still a good deal.

    I wish I could afford a second one for my wife.
    Canadian gun owners are the only consumers willing to buy products that are admitedly fecal in quality while celebrating what they represent politically.

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    We're not the ones who made it political. The ones who own what we merely possess by their grace did that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilikemoose View Post
    Canadian gun owners are the only consumers willing to buy products that are admitedly fecal in quality while celebrating what they represent politically.
    Don't over exaggerate the flaws of the rifle, it's not a piece of shit.

    If the AR was non-restricted, if we didn't have the political will to continuely attack and demonize firearms owners there would be zero market for the BCL102. However the AR is restricted and nothing speaks louder than opening our wallets. The more BCL102's or Stag 10's(which would also never been a viable option if the AR was NR) in licensed owner hands the mlre cost prohibitive it is for government to move against us.

    Money, not direct public opinion, will save us. If the public hears that there has been no crimes committed with the AR15 and oh, Trudeau sold 20,000 of them that starts to encourage questions. I don't think there are even 10,000 of my car in Canada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petamocto View Post
    Adriel, close, but I think more Stag 10S models are sold than the GI models. S Models are $2250+ tax, which for most of the country brings the gun to north of $2500 in your hands.
    I mean, Arms East has a Stag 10 LEV2 in 6.5 Creedmoor on their site that's in stock for $1950, but they're not a fair comparison to the BCL because they've got a much nicer stainless barrel and a nicer forend. That's not a sale price or anything, just standard pricing.

    You could spend more money on a different model of the Stag 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrielm View Post
    I try to rate guns based on their value ...

    Fair enough, but I didn't mean to argue the difference between a $1950 gun and a $2250 gun. If you can afford one you can afford the other, like arguing about the difference between a $225k Lamborghini or a $195k Ferrari.

    The point is that when talking about "value", it's obvious that a different type of buyer with different expectations is going to spend $1500+ on a BCL or Stag, and it's completely reasonable to them to expect those guns to work out of the box.

    I commend you on your honestly to call these guns out when they're garbage, because you have a larger platform/audience than the average person.

    I could not believe that on the Stag thread here I was getting replies that read "So what if your Stag 10S had stoppages every round when you bought it, Arms East fixed it for you and it works now, so what's the big deal?"

    While obviously a fixed gun is better than a broken gun, it completely dismisses the emotional attachment that the average person has to that several-thousand-dollar investment.

    For your average shooter, spending $1500-$2500 is an ordeal that could take months if not years to pull off. Most importantly is the labour you have to do to earn that money in the first place, which on top of normal bills and expenses can take months-years to save up, the whole time researching the subject on various websites and forums.

    Then when the money is actually in your hands, it is a massive decision to commit to hitting "Buy" on that website link, and it's like a kid waiting for Christmas for the next week while that gun is in the mail. Again, more emotional investment. Then, finally, after getting that gun to the range, to have a stoppage every single round is an emotion that I wouldn't wish on any gun owner.

    You go from the top of the world to the bottom of the world in two minutes, having invested so much time and money and emotion into the process by that time. Any gun brand that gives a customer that feeling needs a massive punch in the face (metaphorically) because it's even worse than not making a sale in the first place. It borders on betrayal, like William Wallace pulling off the Black Knight's helmet and seeing Robert the Bruce.

    Some people may say that I'm over-stating it or whining, but I seriously commend a person who has no emotional attachment to $1500-$2500. I will never forget the feeling I had on the range that day, even though Arms East eventually fixed it, and I will never forgive Stag for selling me a gun that didn't work at this price point.

    Now I know how valuable that target is that some companies include with their guns. It doesn't just show the potential accuracy of the gun, it demonstrates that company cared enough to test the function as well. Stag didn't take the time to do that, and if they had they would have identified the gun was broken and fixed it before selling it.
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