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    Wtf. Of course the guns are illegal. Even if they were legally owned (which we all know they were not) the second they left the gun safe without a trigger lock with the intention of being carried in a waste band to an effin parade they became illegal. FFS.

    Edit: meant to say 'waist band' but the typo is apropos.
    "You can break the surgical procedure of removing an appendix down into about 30-35 individual steps Ė each of which is not overly complicated or beyond an enthusiastic amateur."

    -Survival and Austere Medicine, 3rd ed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolver View Post
    Gotcha beat. I'm on my fourth. Finally got smart an married an American. If Trudeau and Trump are re-elected, we're headed south.
    Why wait?

    I am on my third, my wife now has no borders, which means she can live and work in 'murica without a green card work visa or any other piece of paper required.

    If she was not a huge "family person" and if I did not own a small business I would move in a heartbeat.
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