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    Extraction/ejection problem with Savage Mk 2 heavy barrel

    I've had this rifle for years and it's been a good shooter. I've put thousands of rounds throug it. In the last year it's gotten balky about extracting/ejecting. I put a new extractor, ejector and spring in it but got no improvement. I can't see any peening on the barrel face but i guess there could be some chamber face peening that I can't detect.

    I'm stumped what to do next to try and fix this problem. Has anyone else ever run in to this problem? Any informed suggestions?

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    I had those problems on one when it was brand new. The extractor was a bit sticky in the slot. I stoned one side a bit until it was free. I wouldn't really expect that problem to develop with time.

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    When was the last time it had a really good bath?
    Does it fail to extract or eject with all ammo? When you changed extractors did you change both of 'em? There's a left and a right plus an extractor spring clip.
    Bolt actions tend to not have many extracting/ejecting issues, but those are two different things to start with anyway.

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    Don't forget to clean the groove next to the bore that the extractor slides in after a round is chambered!
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