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    Talking Canadian University Shooting Federation - Summer Update

    Hey GOC!

    If you haven't heard of our organization before then welcome! We are the Canadian University Shooting Federation (CUSF), a federal non-profit dedicated to promoting the shooting sports at post-secondary institutions. As of now we have been in operation for about 2 years. We operate a sports league that is open for any University/College student across the country, help students establish new clubs and assist existing clubs in a variety of ways.

    Things are really rolling now since I last posted here! GOC has been very supportive and I am super grateful for all the offers of assistance that people have offered! Figured it was about time for an update, so heres what our team has been up to:

    1. Programs revamp - from the lessons learned over our first trap/skeet/rifle competitions we are working to create a scalable system which can accommodate growth in the future! We are preparing to put these into practice for our next tournament: the CUSF Fall Classic.

    2. New programs implementation - we have been hard at work to create new programs to benefit our students. This includes scholarships, womens program, standardized RO and firearms training, and standard operation procedures for student club operations (things like how to run a range event, how to recruit, how to form a team ect).

    3. New sponsorships - Cabelas, Windscribe and J&L Supply have come onboard as sponsors to support us! It's awesome to have support from all types of industries!

    4. New partnerships - In terms of partnerships, the Association of Collegiate Unions International (ACUI) out of the states wants to collaborate to have a North American Shotgun Competition! They have been running Clay Target competitions for over 50 years, so it will be fun to have a combined shoot with them USA fellers.

    5. Another school coming onboard - We are happy to welcome the Royal Military College into the fold! Check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

    6. Volunteers - Very grateful to have the volunteer support that we have had. The exec, the board, our volunteer staff and external organizations volunteers have all dedicated countless hours to ensure that students can have safe, fun range experiences. Thanks a ton to everyone who has helped us on this journey!

    Check out our clubs on Facebook/Insta:

    AMS Shooting Sports at UBC /

    Carleton Firearms Association / @cufirearms

    Carleton Shotgun / @cutrapskeetteam

    LCSA Lethbridge College Firearms Club /

    Mount Royal Firearms Club / @mountroyalfc

    RMC Combat Weapons Team / @rmc_combatweapons - new!

    University of Calgary Firearms Association / @u.c.f.a

    University of Saskatchewan Shooting Federation / @ussf_online

    UVic Shooting Sports / @uofvicshootingsports

    Western Firearms Association / @western.firearms.association

    Canadian University Shooting Federation / @canadianunishootingfed

    If you want to get involved, leave some feedback, point us in the right direction, or give me some hate then please PM me! Big thanks to those who did get in touch. We are always looking for ways to start new clubs, help our existing teams, work with other orgs and collaborate with talented individuals! And the newsletter!


    Learn. Compete. Educate.
    Canadian University Shooting Federation

    Check us out at, and shoot us a message if you are interested in getting involved!

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