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    Quote Originally Posted by road kill View Post
    My group got antlerless mule tags, likely end up as cat food as my area is riddled with CW disease.
    Cats with chronic wasting disease?
    That is how the zombie apocalypse starts I'm sure.
    Why does the rest of the country get first dibbs on half my income?

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    Got my antlerless moose again in my home unit. Got two young cows a half mile from the house I'd sooner eat before I hit them with a truck.

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    Didn't even apply this year. 4 for 5 on WT bucks the last 5 years so freezers are still doing ok. General season for me, maybe an undersubscribed tag if something interesting is available.
    "It is an absolute truism that law-abiding, armed citizens pose no threat to other law-abiding citizens."

    Ammo, camo and things that go "blammo".

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