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    I read it. Its not even that bad.

    What ya gotta do is quote a part of it and say it's from mein kampf and see if they leave it up cause its "hitler" and not the NZ guy
    “A harmless man is not a good man. A good man is a very dangerous man who has that under voluntary control.”
    -Jordan Peterson

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    The French did not want to hear anything bad about Germany. Even Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which spelled out his hostile intentions toward France, did not get through to the intelligentsia or to the public because a French court stopped its full translation, so that only expurgated versions were
    available to the few who were interested. By the late 1930s, as refugees from Germany fled to France, bearing stories of the horrors of the Nazi regime, their stories were not only widely rejected but, because many of these refugees were Jewish, this provoked increased anti-Semitism, based on the notion that Jews were trying to provoke a war between France and Germany. Anti-Semitism was not confined to the masses, but was common among French intellectuals as well.
    -- Thomas Sowell, "Intellectuals and Society"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIR VEYOR View Post
    Various places did/still censor mein kempf. Some countries, some institutions. Frequently the censorship is in the supply chain as well. Can’t read it if you never even hear about it. Is it censorship or suppression if the supposed impacted people never knows it exists, and wouldn’t look for it if they weren’t curious?
    I think it was chapters , you can buy the communist manifesto but not mien kempf

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortandlong View Post
    I think it was chapters , you can buy the communist manifesto but not mien kempf
    I think the woman who owns Chapters is Jewish, so I don't really fault her for not carrying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RangeBob View Post
    The argument for banning the video is out of decency to the families.

    What's the argument for banning the idiot's idiotic manifesto?
    they won't tell the truth.....but MOST mass murderers are the usa,80% of them all were-are tied to the democrat movement, die hard socialists for the greatest part. i think the medias don'Mt want people to see how socialism is raising mentally unstable and disturbed people.......and in this case,he clearly tell that the murderer was a socialiost activist.basically another leftist.
    Quote Originally Posted by Forbes/Hutton View Post
    I was hoping he would show up and do something useful in front of the cameras. Like beat the flames out with his face.
    Quote Originally Posted by Magi View Post
    This intellectual midget needs to rub the contents of a large tube of PREPARATION H® on his ego and then smack himself with the empty tube until he's in a permanent coma. !

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortandlong View Post
    I think it was chapters , you can buy the communist manifesto but not mien kempf
    What is the 21st century obsession with communism.
    DON'T STEAL! - The government hates competition

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