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    Quote Originally Posted by Justice View Post
    "...which part of the ccc..." The FA is Section 3 of the Criminal Code. Nobody has been charged under the FA so it can't be challenged in court as unconstitutional.
    Statistics Canada. CanSim Table 35-10-0177-01 Incident-based crime statistics, by detailed violations, Canada, provinces, territories and Census Metropolitan Areas
    if you go to "Total, all violations" -> "Total other Federal Statutes" -> "Firearms Act"
    you'll see that a little over 1000 incidents a year under the Firearms Act, with about 80 a year cleared by charge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drache View Post
    According to the CFC/CFO yes a gun when being handled is "in use". They can't charge you with unsafe storage when a firearm is in your hands.
    SO how would that work, when there is a trigger lock on it :P Cabelas here & CT won't remove the trigger locks.

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    "...over 1000 incidents a year under the Firearms Act..." Charges are laid under the Criminal Code, not the FA. The SC of C has refused to hear cases about the FA's Charter violations(13 of 'em last time I counted). Supposedly because they claim it'd be the entire CC of C that'd be declared unconstitutional and therefore invalid.

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    I don't know if this applies to all national parks but:
    (3) No person shall

    (a) have a loaded firearm in or on a vehicle, vessel or aircraft; or

    (b) discharge a firearm from a vehicle, vessel or aircraft.

    I do recall reading on a forum where a hunter leaned his loaded rifle up against his truck when the CO approached and he got charged with having a loaded firearm ON a vehicle.

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    Not sure about up here but in Arizona its legal to shoot from a vehicle on the range as long as the motor/drivetrain has been removed and its just a rolling chassis

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    Don't get legal advice from the internet however I think much turns on the federal "safe place" provision around where you can load and discharge a firearm no matter the classification of the firearm. Most provincial law across the country for hunting purposes would, as has been mentioned in this thread, prohibit the discharge of a firearm from a vehicle (car, truck, ATV etc) unless you have one of those handicapped permits. Federal law I think, would affect this from the safe place provision, ie it is illegal to load or discharge a firearm, no matter the classification, at a place which is not safe. So, is a moving vehicle a safe place to have a loaded firearm? Probably not. If its stationary at a range or on a rural property where there are no municipal bylaws to prevent the discharge of the firearm then maybe you can shoot targets (but not hunt) because it is a safe place to discharge the firearm and maybe, as has also been stated in this thread, its raining and you are shooting from a dry place. As an aside, I've heard rumour that some COs will charge you with hunting from a vehicle if you simply lean a loaded rifle against an ATV in the bush while adjusting a back pack or what ever before picking it up again and moving on by foot.

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    I don't think you should be allowed to be within sight of a motorized vehicle, let alone in it.
    Y'all gettin' way too lazy.
    When I was your age....

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