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Thread: Greetings!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergey View Post
    And I have question to gun owners here:

    I purchased the SKS with Tapco stock. Now I would like to install the vertical grip and the stock I bought does not have a lower rail (bionet compatible ). Is it possible to install the rail for further instalation of vertical grip?

    Thank you
    post a picture,,, cause from here it's crazy glue and duct tape

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    Welcome to GOC and welcome to Canada!
    A good sheep dog [the government & its agencies] can be maintained by the trading of a small portion of the wool from the sheep [the citizens]: the sheep give this wool so can be traded for upkeep of the sheep dog's shelter, vet bills and food.
    It is too bad that some sheep will allow the sheep dog to be maintained by the sale of the sheep's grass, leaving the sheep to hunger...

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