The other day one of my students had a "present" for me, the tail from (I'm assuming) a Russian 120mm mortar shell, which he found in a field near his house, just North of Warsaw, East of the Wisła river and South of the Narew river.

It's most likely from when the Russians were advancing West in the summer of '44 and approaching Warsaw around July and August 1944, which was the impetus for the Warsaw Uprising on August 1. Of course, the Russians were more than happy to park on the eastern bank of the Wisła River for the rest of 1944, while the Germans crushed the uprising, deported and killed everyone and destroyed over 85% of the city. The Russians didn't enter Warsaw until January 17, 1945.

Anyhow, are there any safety concerns I should be aware of regarding the propellant charge in the tail, before I start to clean it up?