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    Ongoing coverage of TACCOM 2019!

    Hello GOC!

    It’s TACCOM time! I was originally going to cover the show on Friday however the TACCOM team has graciously invited me into many of the seminars and events so I have decided to make a weekend out of it! As such, I will be providing daily updates as opposed to one big review at the end so check back for new pics.

    Checking in to the Westin…

    I requested one of their “airport view” rooms

    Good idea for dinner but I plan to hit Zorro’s tomorrow

    All checked-in, I head to the International Centre for pre-show set-up!

    First stop, pick up my media pass and snazzy media t-shirt (thanks TACCOM!)

    Through the magic door

    A few aisle shots to give you a sense of the scale of the show

    It was very cool to watch the booths being built and filled with awesome guns and gear. I didn’t have a plan of what to visit first but the shiny F-1 Firearms at O’Dell Engineering sure caught my eye. I have shot F1s and I dare say they are my favourite Ars (maybe even more so than my HK)

    I will definitely be back to check them out in more detail during the show.

    Another one of my favourite brands at O’Dell’s booth, U.S. Optics! Including the new 2.5-20 issued with our troops Colt sniper rifle system

    Also at O’Dell, for those of you looking for a bullpup shotgun

    Speaking of bullpups, I can confirm the Tavor 7 is at the IWI booth!

    Another distributor high on my list to see is Gravel Agency, who carries Remington, Bushmaster, and Marlin among many others.

    Ahh much better as the guns start coming in…so glad to see the Marlin Dark

    Apart from all the guns and gear, it is always great to catch up with friends in the community…I ran into Tracey Wilson again

    Ironically she told me to “keep out of trouble” yet the very next time I saw her, I was playing with a grenade launcher at Wolverine’s booth (caught with my hand in the cookie jar lol)

    One must behave though when Chris Costa is nearby lol

    More friends…from the CSSA

    And Canadian Gun Vault…love that new prohib package you are introducing through Trigger Wholesale bro!

    And the FOC crew…awesome job organizing the show guys!

    Ok back to guns…Mossberg

    And SIG…wow so much goodness at SIG! I can tell I will spend a lot of time at their booth during the show ..cant wait to handle the Rattler!

    Simunitions guns in blue

    M17 commemorative…should have bought one when I had the chance

    From their custom shop

    The Nightforce Optics booth will be EPIC! Hope they have a BEAST

    Also looking forward to Springfield Armoury..i am on the waiting list for one of their FBI guns

    But ultimately I think my first stop tomorrow will be Korth, in all the way from Germany with their fantastic revolver

    Also in from Italy, Chiappa

    Good to see my friends at Grey Fox Strategic..i plan to pick up one of their Geist mag holders

    Movie Armaments Group was still setting up so I could not get a closer look

    Military vehicles

    Lots of retailers will be present with great show specials…Select Shooting

    Rangeview Sports

    Don’t forget to stop by the TACCOM swag booth

    And enter the many contests for great prizes

    As for dinner? Well it was Ruth’s Chris after all….16 oz. bone-in filet with blue cheese crust

    Nice touch that you can select your own knife

    Well that covers the pre-show…again, I plan to post daily updates so check back…I posted 420 pics from SHOT show 2018..let’s see if I can break that record.

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    lol funny..i remember a show where i posted 250 pics and all the comments were "I cant wait to see day 2" lol...i went back and posted another 100 in response..let's see how i do tomorrow.

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    Wow, awesome. Wish I could attend something like this.

    Maybe GOC will let me pay my way to go to SHOT one of these times!

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    You are in Alberta? You should have snuck in with the TSE crew...they have a booth at the show
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    oh man Day 1 was EPIC!!! i took over 350 pics...just going through them now...hope to have coverage up later tonight

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    What is that wedge shaped tracked vehicle?
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    Waaaaaay too much fun at the show. Also encouraged me to spend way too much money. Price of admission is worth it if only to see the Movie Armaments Group booth. Can't touch anything but damn. I took more pictures there than at the rest of the show.
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    Day 1

    Showtime! Still a bit surreal to see TACCOM on major signage…as it was to see ads for “Canada’s Largest Gun Show” in mainstream media!

    My first stop was to pick up my media tshirt..sadly it was too small

    As was this one

    I’ll tell you what wasn’t small though, the crowds! Yowza! Luckily I had early access so I could take some of my pics

    Show organizer Fred looking spiffy with the gentleman from O’Dell Engineering

    Per my plan, my first stop was the Korth booth to see their spectacular revolvers.

    I was immediately drawn to the Super Sport ULX…I loved its wild styling and it felt INCREDIBLE in my hand…it seemed as if the grip was moulded to my hand and the cutouts on the slide improved the balance over the other SuperSports that I handled.

    I also liked the National Standard, at the opposite end of the spectrum…I tend to like extremes lol

    Or if that is too plain

    The cutaway was also very cool as it showed the internals, demonstrated interchangeability of the chamber, and most importantly, allowed for dry firing of the legendary double action for which Korth is known

    It was great to chat with the Canadian distributor and also to speak with the owner! I learned so much about the lineup. For example, this .44 magnum (with the red grip)

    Has a front sight that is quick adjustable to different distances

    As is the rear sight…specifically the gap can be widened or narrowed by turning screw…don’t remember ever seeing that before!

    It is also possible to add a compensator such as this

    If you prefer a smaller revolver, Korth has the Ranger for you

    Korth also makes a unique semi-auto, the PRS, which may look like a 1911 but is quite different. The barrel is fixed and it has a roller locking system with bolt head like an HK MP5…it was surprisingly heavy!

    Thanks again to the Korth team!

    Next stop, Gravel Agency to have a closer look at the Marlins. My buddy bought a Black Knight and I had the chance to shoot it…how fortunate that I could compare one side by side with the new Dark!

    The Dark is very has a rough pebbled finish that feels like plastic but it is actually wood. Ultimately I liked the stainless trapper the best.

    As I mentioned in my review of set-up, SIG had a lot of awesomeness so I didn’t waste time heading over there. Thanks for letting me have an closeup look at the commemorative edition of the M17..again, wish I bought one.

    The rattler was cool too but didn’t excite me as much as the M17….that may change after I shoot it,

    Also so happy to see a 365!! Per my John Wick obsession, Halle Berry used on in JW3.

    On my way back to Wolverine, I ran into Chris Costa again (or did I? One does not find Chris Costa, Chris Costa finds you lol) and he very graciously accepted to autograph the Raven Concealment holster I bought due to his endorsement…this was worth the show alone! Thanks Mr. Costa…super nice guy.

    Ok on to Wolverine! I must visit this store one day! Incredible selection of Brugger and Thomet


    Accuracy International

    Schmidt & Bender scopes

    Daniel Defense, including the new Delta precision rifle

    Angstadt Arms

    And FLIR…happy that the Breach made it to Canada

    Etc. etc. lol

    By now the Nightforce booth was ready and it was SPECTACULAR! They set up the same booth they used at SHOT Show and the NRA Show…so pretty serious

    And they had a BEAST! This is Nightforce’s top of the line scope with intelligent four-function elevation control

    I also love the ATACR is a FFP that functions as a red-dot at 1 but a reticle starts to appear as you increase magnification

    The new NX8 2.5-20x50…it features DigIllum reticle illumination so you can change the colour of the reticle and other features like powering up to your previous intensity settings

    Spotting scopes including the TS-82 with APO Fluorite glass..this is even higher quality than ED but would be too fragile for a scope mounted on a gun with heavy recoil

    And we all know durability is a hallmark of Nightforce scopes

    Of course to benefit from a great scope like Nightforce, you need a great rifle so off to Alberta Tactical Rifle…to see their new collaboration rifle with the CCFR…a Modern Sporter variant that looks exactly like a classic AR15 yet is non-restricted! One of my favourite guns of the show!

    Vs. the original Modern Sporting Rifle (with carbon fiber beautiful!)

    If you prefer bolt action, check out this rig with McMillan stock and Proof research carbon fiber barrel

    The Shooting Edge also had some new non-restricted options including a whole new product line for Canada from Sterling

    I preferred it in white

    Those these custom builds were pretty snazzy

    And the Troy 102 has finally arrived as well.

    The original AR10 upon which modern 102s are based.

    Another economical option, albeit restricted, were the polymer AR15s from Omni at Armchar

    For those who prefer more classic designs to AR15s, Czech Small Arms…I love their super compact

    They are still made in the Czech Republic but the chrome lined barrels are supplied by Lothar in Germany

    CSA also offers mounts for red-dot sights

    The Scorpion is also very cool…I shot one recently and wish I put more than 5 rounds through it.

    Ok, although I have lots more pics..i am pretty beat so the last booth I will cover today is Trigger Wholesale….

    LOTS of shotgun options here

    From bullpups to double barrels to mag fed to compact

    But of course I had to have a closer look at Canadian Gun Vault’s prohibition kit that simulates a Tommy Gun….that is not an actual drum mag, rather a housing for a conventional mag…very clever!

    Trigger Wholesale also carries Armalite, the original AR.

    Ok, goodnight and check back for more pics tomorrow.

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    What's the Sterling Arms offering? 308win? Never heard of them
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