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    Quote Originally Posted by joe6167 View Post

    I Found a Creepy List on My Son’s Laptop
    October 12, 2021

    Dear Care and Feeding,

    My son, “Jack,” 14, has been maintaining a spreadsheet that tracks all of his classmate’s problematic actions. Jack has always had difficulty fitting in, but he is a compassionate and intelligent boy. We do not allow our children to have their own computers to prevent the risk of them being radicalized by alt-right websites, so our kids share a laptop that we monitor and control access to. We found an excel spreadsheet in Jack’s folder that listed the names of all of his classmates, as well as dates and descriptions of their problematic behavior. Some of the descriptions I saw include “has a mom who is a cop,” “no pronouns in insta bio,” “laughed at a fat joke,” “lists problematic show as one of their favorites,” “mimicked a foreign accent,” and “used cis-normative language.”

    While I am pleased to see Jack taking an interest in his peers, I get a weird feeling about his spreadsheet. As much as I don’t condone the behaviors mentioned, it seems a bit creepy for him to be monitoring his classmates. I also wonder what he is trying to do with the document. Another concern is that we are white and some of the kids on the list are Black. Given the long history of white people policing Black existence, I question whether Jack is the right person to be taking on this task and whether it would be more appropriate coming from a BIPOC person.

    We have asked Jack about the spreadsheet and he denies involvement, but we know that it couldn’t be anyone else. Am I right to be concerned about Jack’s list? I don’t know that it is the best way for him to engage with his peers and promote social justice. On the other hand, I am proud of how committed he is to this cause and I don’t want to stop him from bearing witness to injustices within his own community.

    —Problematic or Productive?

    Dear PoP,

    Based on what you’ve mentioned here, his list does seem a little creepy. Kids at that age should be having fun, not documenting every transgression his peers are making. Also, the fact that he’s blatantly lying about his involvement in creating this list should be a huge red flag. If everything is on the up and up, then what does he have to hide? I would personally call his bluff and say, “OK, if this spreadsheet has nothing to do with you, then let’s delete it.” If he raises a stink, then you know that something bigger is at play here.

    I respect your viewpoint about being uncomfortable with Jack policing the behavior of his Black peers, but as a Black man, that should be the least of your concerns. Your main objective is to find out why he wants to monitor his classmates in the first place. Is he trying to be a social justice vigilante in an effort to be viewed as cool? Does he want his classmates to be “cancelled” for doing things that he considers to be wrong as a form of payback for not being accepted by them? The possibilities are endless. If you don’t feel equipped to get to the bottom of it, then I highly recommend getting a therapist involved because his behavior is not typical for a 14-year-old.

    On a positive note, there are far worse things Jack could be doing than this—and it seems as if his heart is in the right place by being in the corner of marginalized groups. He could use his energy to volunteer as a Big Brother, write for the school newspaper (if they have one), or look for other opportunities at school to make everyone feel included.

    I just think the spreadsheet is something that could end up being bad news for him, and I hope you enroll him in therapy so an unbiased mental health professional can tell him the same thing.
    10 Ways To Survive Getting Canceled

    October 25th, 2021

    So, you've been canceled. Sad! Seriously though—it serves you right for saying "Ew, that song is gay" on AOL Instant Messenger when you were in high school. Shame on you! Now, the mob is out to destroy your life with devastating amounts of accountability!

    Never fear—we at the Babylon Bee are experts in getting canceled and can help you out. Here are a few pointers:

    1) Offer a tearful and heartfelt apology, which always makes cancel mobs go away: Apologies NEVER make things worse. Cancel mobs are extremely forgiving, and will always offer forgiveness if you apologize, always works for Justin!

    2) Lie down on your back with your arms and legs sticking up in the air as a sign of submission: This is even more effective if you also wet yourself.

    3) Change your name, get plastic surgery so no one recognizes you, and move to Cambodia: This is the only country still accepting canceled people.

    4) Distract the mob by yelling: "Look over there! It's Tucker Carlson!": Tucker is like a flashy fishing lure to these people. Works every time.

    5) Be the world's most famous author or the world's most famous comedian: If your name is J.K. Rowling or Dave Chappelle, you might be ok. If not, tough luck!

    6) Wait an hour for the news cycle to change: Don't worry, they'll be off canceling someone else in no time.

    7) Declare yourself a Democrat presidential candidate: Virtually cancel-proof.

    8) Invent a new gender for yourself; claim discrimination: "I am a proud racist-sexual! How DARE you!"

    9) Get a job at The Daily Wire: Practice your Policygenius™ ad-reads and call up the god-king himself!

    10) Create a clever diversion by pointing at somebody else being politically incorrect: Somebody, somewhere is doing something as bad so shift the limelight to them and hope it works!
    Warning! some sarcasm, facetious and jovial behavior, satire, irony, dry humor, playful banter and more may or may not be involved in my postings. Please read anything I have written as being said in the most joyful and happy voice you can imagine.

    To whom it may concern: I hereby declare I am not responsible for the debts incurred by one Justin Trudeau!

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    Barack Obama: all the fuss about the rape of a child is just phoney right-wing outrage.

    The white house worked with the school board to write the letter that called parents domestic terrorists, thus bringing in the FBI and DOJ.
    Successfully escaped this crazy quack s***hole country ALIVE - 12/26/2017!!!

    Give your family tree a good shake and see if you have any dual citizenship that you can use to GTFO of this crazy quack s***hole country!

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