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    Best Tactical Pants?

    I have some 5.11 Tac Flex pants but was wondering about these other brands? I use them at work and around the cabin..... Price is a consideration but outright quality and ease of use with the pockets trumps price without question!!
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    The only brand I've tried as far as pants go are the 5.11, which have lasted a very long time and put up with a fair bit of abuse. The quality control is a little bit wonky and the water repellent treatment isn't worth a damn, but they are DURABLE.

    I own a boonie from tru-spec that doesn't see near as much use as the pants, but it's been my favorite for a few years and I drag it out when the weather is too hot or too crap. I would try their pants for sure.

    I recently purchased a BDU top from propper that looks like it's great quality. I think it's going to be a pretty tough shirt.

    I've never bought a thing from under armour. A couple of times I've seen what looks like a fair price for something only to pick it up and be immediately disappointed. They have some really cool looking stuff! But always seems to be priced at 3-4x what I feel it's worth.

    I've never even seen anything by condor in person, and only know that it's reputation is people either love them, or hate them.

    I thought LA police gear was just a reseller, and I don't know any of the other brands.

    As far as quality goes, my vote is 5.11, but I imagine that propper and tru-spec will hold up and intend to buy more of their stuff to run through its paces.
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    I typically wear 5.11 stryke pants for most everything...i'm hard on clothes they are really tough and last a lonnnng time. Only thing they suck at is welding/grinding...they aren't very fire proof.

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    5.11 taclite has been my go to pants since around 2012. One pair out of half a dozen(ish) are worn enough to be taken out of rotation in that time.

    La police gear... they are out to lunch on their shipping charges, I don't order from them anymore. Their original pants were ok but not good enough for work in my experience. Light duty only. The zippers fail and the button closure would fail. They stepped up their game with recent offerings, YKK zippers and better looking closures, a little more money but still cheaper than 511. I'd love to try the new stuff, but I'm not paying the $70USD(iirc) shipping charge.

    Vertx is probably pimp, but too expensive for me.

    Currently I'm trying out a pair of 'wrangler riggs workwear ranger pants' that were $30 - worth a shot. Good reviews on them. I like the pocket layout on them for work, although they could be better(a little deeper to hold tools better)

    I don't have experience with any other pants.
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    The material is heavier than your typical casual cargo pant, and they have a stretchy waist. The right hand pocket has an inner divider for a cell phone or something, which I can take or leave. They also come on sale for as little as $28
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