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    Quote Originally Posted by Justice View Post
    "...does not necessarily mean it is not available..." Midway says if it's on 'No back order' it means they don't have any and can't get it from the manufacturer. If they're discontinuing something, it goes on 'Clearance'.
    "...find someone local to reload for me..." Isn't technically legal.
    "...never reloaded before so..." If you can read and walk and breath at the same time, you can reload. Rocket science it ain't. Buy a copy of The ABC's of Reloading(about $30 on Amazon or your local gun shop) and if you don't have the kit look into an RCBS Beginner's Kit. Keep in mind that there's lots of help on this forum too.
    Well seeing a Del in Vernon just got a shipment of the ammo then pretty obvious it is available. Seeing as Midway had NONE why would it be listed as "clearance" to start with? If they are going to drop it from their line it will just vanish from their listing.

    Someone can reload for you providing it is not "sold" so the shooter can purchase all the components and give them to the person doing the reloading and that is legal. The single biggest issue is the trust that the ammo was reloaded to correct specs.

    I have a friend that loads a couple cal's for us that we rarely use and I purchased the components so you are WRONG that someone can't reload for you.

    I wonder if the OP shoots enough to even consider reloading seeing it is available at retail.

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    I was nervous pulling the trigger on that first rifle round I had reloaded myself.

    If you invest in a quality scale, and decent calipers (I got mitutoyo because I also do a little machining) then all you'll need to do is follow the recipe!

    It's not incredibly difficult, and since I refuse to pay three times the price for match ammo and I'm a perfectionist, the ammo I load is FAR more consistent than factory.

    I figure it's a good idea to at least have the capability, whether you just need hunting rounds or you really want to match the ammo to your rifle.

    It's giving me a really crazy urge to start wild catting though. That's a scary thought!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hidyn View Post
    I was nervous pulling the trigger on that first rifle round I had reloaded myself.
    you can always buy a sled. secure the rifle in it and use a string to pull the trigger...

    if you pushing max safe load limit, over pressure might be a concern. You never know until you fire that first shot.

    if you starting with a light load and is worry about under pressure... well the first round might get stuck in the barrel but the first shot is not gonna be a problem. it's the second shot....
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    I was nervous when I first started reloading as well, that’s not a bad thing. I’m still very careful and precise when I sit down at my bench, especially when I reload a new caliber for the first time. In my opinion there is no better feeling than producing your own quality ammo, it’s well worth the time invested.
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