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    Quote Originally Posted by wai556 View Post
    Yep, like the current call to have "free" menstrual product in our community centre, I can understand that they should have some with the high school nurse / first aid kit, cause kids can be forgetful etc etc.
    But why should tax payer be paying for free stuff in community centre, is the average canadian that poor ???
    Average? No. But there are kids going to school without breakfast or lunch. I imagine there are young girls going to school without feminine hygiene products too. Most of the shortfall is made up by donations and "lunch lady" women who make that budget stretch as far as it can go. It was a real eye opener when my son started going to elementary school a number of years back to learn just how many kids go hungry.

    /off topic: I remember in my early 20s my parents saying something about how some people should be force sterilized. I thought they were NAZI's (no, not in the way people throw that term around now, not "literally Hitler", just a little over the top authoritarian). I wholly agree with them now.
    Make the Afghanistan War Memorial publicly accessible
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustBen View Post
    It's really simple. If you spend more than you bring in, you either have to bring in more (taxes) or you have to spend less (cut services).

    I don't think we are hard done by in terms of services available, but we do spend a lot of dollars on stupid things. Our fragile economy can't handle much more for taxes. So guess what the sustainable and practical answer is....
    Unless your Justin,,, math is hard,,, liberal math is easy,, 5 + 5 = we need more taxes

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    I forget - who was the guy who said that the budget will balance itself?

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