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The plug was what I bought hoping it would fix the issues, or at least help in diagnosing them. Originally someone advised that on a .308 rifle it was probably a gas issue or an ejector not set up for .308.

From just enough gas to full gas it behaves the same. My old shooting glasses has a scratch on the right lens from it (so I'm not kidding about the 5:00 ejection)

I'll put the original plug back in, since that's not the problem. I'm using the 148Gr CamPros and H4895, so nothing weird.

I expect Wolff has all of the springs I could want.
I have purchased the Wolff M-1 Garand spring kit for a couple of projects. They are decent to deal with and have never caused me any grief with international sales.


SKU 18060 M1 GARAND RIFLE SERVICE PAK 25.99 + s&h. (USD)