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    Don't forget Select Shooting Annual Range Day tomorrow

    at the Oxford Fish and Game Club

    plus pics from last year's event ..

    Last year’s Range Day was a fantastic event and pretty hard to beat but with 75 guns on the line and a new venue for 2018 (Oxford Fish and Game Association), I think Select managed to do it! Once again I had a phenomenal time and it was super helpful to be able to comparison shoot so many guns.

    Given that I am looking to get into precision rifles, I headed straight for the rifle range.

    Thankfully Select put out a list of firearms before the event so I knew there would be a great selection to try and I stuck with my plan of starting with the Tikkas. First up the T3X TAC A1 with the BLK LBL forend featuring an integrated bipod and mounted with the fantastic Vortex Razor AMG 6-24X50 FFP MOA scope. Dave and I were both impressed with the glass.

    Next up, this beautiful custom build, a Tikka Tactical with PSE Composites E-Tac 4 stock, Vortex Razor HD 5-20X50 FFP MRAD scope …in retrospect I should have spent some time adjusting the stock as I was not as fast getting back on target with this one as the BLK LBL

    My buddy Dave also shot the BLK LBL as well as this custom, a Tikka CTR with PSE Composites E-Lite stock, Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24X50 FFP MRAD. Dave was particularly interested in this one because that scope would be perfect for his gun…great glass at a very economical price.

    There was a little competition where you win free swag if you hit the 4 steel gongs…sadly I only got 3 out of 4 with both guns. Fortunately, my buddy Dave was a better sniper and won a hat with both and generously gave one to me..thanks bro!

    There were also some other Tikkas on the line

    All supplied by and equipped with Vortex optics…it was great to talk to the Vortex reps, so helpful!

    Our next target was the Bergera in 6.5 Creedmore since neither of us had ever shot that caliber before. This time Dave went first

    Perhaps I am not experienced enough with precision rifles but truthfully I didn’t notice any real difference from the .308s and I preferred the Tikkas.

    Dave recently bought a Savage although he has not had a chance to shoot it yet and the Stealth was on my list…I gotta say it is a beautiful looking gun!

    I did like the Accu-trigger and the action however I didn’t like the tubular stock..i found it awkward for my support hand and it wasn’t as easy to run the bolt and stay on target as it was with the more conventional stocks on the Tikka…again, this is why I love being able to do side by side comparisons at such events! Now I have a better sense of what kind of stocks I need.

    Dave also shot the Stealth

    As well as the 10TR in .22 with its 10 round rotary mag and a dedicated Bushnell rimfire optic

    All done with precision rifles, we moved on to other long guns. I shot the F1 AR15 at another show and loved it so wanted to try it again. Last time I shot it sitting down so this time I wanted to try standing. I liked it so much that I used two of my tickets on it lol…gotta get one of these!

    Dave liked it as well…both of us found it to be so light and well balanced.

    Dave is looking for a mag fed shotgun so he gave the Derya a whirl..and bought quite a few tickets for the one Select was raffling off lol

    Ok, on to the handgun range…

    Where we were greeted by the Sig display

    Including the new Mauser M-18…what a beautiful looking gun and less than $900!

    Once I again, I followed my plan and headed straight for the Glocks….

    I had already tried the G19X at SHOT show but wanted to shoot it side by side with the Canadian edition G19

    And what a difference!! The grip on the G19 is a lot smaller and was hard to hold on to…the gun seemed to move around in my hand.

    Dave wanted to shoot something in a larger caliber and opted for the FN FNX 45 Tactical, which he ended up preferring to the Glocks

    Our good friends at North Sylva also brought an X95 in 9mm that was high on my list to try…not surprisingly it was one of my favourites of the day.

    That was it for our shooting but here is a sense of some other guns on the line…Sig

    Smith & Wesson



    CZ Skorpion Evo

    Apart from the Derya, we didn’t shoot any shotguns although there were plenty of those! The setup was for trap and skeet and there were huge lines during the day (my pics were taken before show opening)

    Speaking of huge lineups, as you can see in some of my pics, it was SUPER busy all day but things moved quickly as there were a staggering number of RSOs…I believe 73, one for every gun!

    Including my good friend, the legendary Stormbringer!!

    Glad to see Canadian Historical Arms Museum back at Select Range Day. Last year I took a pic with their M60 and joked about a Rambo pose…well joke was on me because I found out that the M60 in my pic was one of two used on the Rambo set!!!! WOW!

    This time I took a pic with the Stinger…one of only a handful made by converting an aircraft gun into a handheld!

    Check out this anti tank rifle!

    More goodness from CHAM

    Nice to see the gun orgs promoting our sport…CSSA

    I didn’t get a pic of the CCFR booth but did run unto Gun Goddess Tracey Wilson

    Black Rifle Coffee Canada, that’s right the US brand, known to be veteran owned and operated, is now available in Canada with local ingredients.

    I bought a bag of their Little Warriors brew, the proceeds of which go to help child victims of sexual abuse.

    Before heading out, we stopped to get some t-shirts and give our thanks to the great crew at Select for doing such a great job on the event

    Of course you cant go to such an event without stopping by the actual Select Shooting Supplies store so off we went to our next stop….

    First up, a closer look at the Tikka T3X BLK LBL

    Oddly enough, my first time seeing a 590A1 with the bayonet installed…being a knife guy, I had to some shots of this one..i like it!

    Also being Hungarian, I was quite drawn to this FEG (on consignment)

    The S&W RR8 has always been one of my favourite revolvers of all time

    Based on my earlier comments, the stock on this Savage might work better for me

    Great selection of Bladetch…I got a competition belt, holster, and double mag pouch.

    Finally, per Dean’s great recommendation, The Q BBQ Public House. Dave had the ribs and brisket, I had the Hillbilly Philly, a phillysteak made with brisket and one of the best phillysteaks I have ever had!

    My swag for the day

    See you next year!

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    that ribs looks good....
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    Thanks for the quality pics! Great coverage. I especially liked the close ups of the more unique guns!
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    Thanks ...I took almost 400 pics of today's event....gotta go through them tonight
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    Didn't know BRC was available in Canada, I will have to track some down!

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    yes they have a canadian distributor..

    also sorry if i caused any confusion..the pics above are a re-post of last year's event...i am working on the pics from today and will probably have the review up tomorrow

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