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    Meanwhile a bit NW of Edmonton, my brother and his group took this one down today. 300 yd shot by a Cdn Vet using a 1917 Lee Enfield No 1 Mk III in about10 inches of snow.
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    Rory....I refuse to hit ‘like’ on that one....butt, good photo I guess....

    Beautiful morning, though it quickly settled into gusts and flurries. Saw a couple does and three coyotes, then I actually managed to get a semi respectable 3x3 to poke out of the woods with a grunt call. 60 yards, textbook standing broadside, muzzle loader decides to go ‘pop’ instead of ‘bang’..... Never had that happen with the T/C before. I know I ran a dry patch through and popped two caps to dry the breach before I loaded, so....bad primer? It sounded a little on the quiet side. So I watched him meander off while I waited a few minutes, in case this was the mother of all hang fires, and thoroughly enjoyed pulling the breach plug, ramming out the bullet and powder, cleaning the mess and running a few dry patches through.

    Went for a hike around the farm, wasn’t a pile of activity, so I hiked back for sammiches and a cat nap just before 1:00. Decided to head out to grandpa’s old place for the afternoon, drive out onto the field, throw on gear, shut truck door and a monster buck jumps out of the bush 50 yards from the truck and leaves me looking like a dumbass.... Spent the next three hours playing cat and mouse with him. He was way more concerned about the does trying to get away from him than me. I’d watch which bluff they’d disappear in, move downwind, stalk close enough for a shot and wait. Three more times I saw him. Twice obscured, no shot, the last time at 275 yards, too far for the smoke pole.

    Now I’m frying kielbasa and mushrooms. Probably not going to sleep well....
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