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    The axe drops on Jordan Peterson again!

    Everyone, find your safe-space, Jordan is being offensive again... Rampant idiocy!

    It’s a sad reflection of the times, and also slightly ironic, that filmmakers in a free society like Canada encounter censorship of their film about a thoughtful, well-spoken psychology professor, whose own views on free speech are a thousand times more liberal than those “progressive” activists that protest him. Albeit, this censorship is not pushed by a totalitarian state, but by individuals who have been taught to think words are so dangerous that they need to be shielded from anything that might challenge them a little.
    Remember May 1, 2020 when they say: "we don't want your guns."
    The Turd Reich, where the law abiding get moistly shafted!

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    #$cking pussies. Those belonging to "cancel culture" and SJW culture are going to have a hard time later in life. Unfortunately the productive will be paying for their social assistance. Hopefully we'll have managed to avoid the "guaranteed income" bs that is being proposed these days.
    Pew pew pew

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    If we get guaranteed income, I’m quitting my job and working for cash, barter and favours. Who wouldn’t?
    Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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    Cancel culture has backfired every time so far.
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    The fact most of his views and suggestions for living seem to be derived from the greatest philosophers ever to walk the earth, projected on the world today, the mass opposition to him is astounding.

    You have one or two people preventing a week long event, that likely would see... hundreds? paying to view the movie, listening to the minority opposition is just mind boggling.
    the wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept

    "It must be poor life that achieves freedom from fear" - Aldo Leopold

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    When ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.
    — Thomas Grey
    "That bright light aint heaven son, it's a muzzle flash"

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    This is the one I like the best,,,,


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    “I can’t think of anything more boring than living a life wrapped in cotton wool, protected from the big, bad world around you, never having your views challenged.”

    It’s more like living life as a SJW wearing a life preserver encased in bubble wrap while wearing ear plugs so you don’t have to hear things that hurt your feelings. What a bunch of effete pussies.
    "Mr. Speaker, we really could replace Justin Trudeau with a cardboard cutout, and his peanut gallery wouldn't know the difference"

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    Jordan Peterson spreads love everywhere he goes.
    Many people love him, and some love to hate him.

    Lots of meaningful artwork and books in his house.
    2 minutes

    Man does not live by bread alone. And the spiritual bread that's the story.
    -- Jordan Peterson, yBpOX9GXInY at 1 minute 20 seconds

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    This man could be the savior of free society that we need. He has the FU money, now financially secure he can fight practically any battle. His interviews on the JRE are what really got him going I think.
    “A harmless man is not a good man. A good man is a very dangerous man who has that under voluntary control.”
    -Jordan Peterson

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