We are doing a re-order of Cajun Gun Works soon.

We have in stock:
CZ Shadow/2/85 Extended Firing Pin
Ultra-Lite 13/11.5 Firing Pin Kit CZ SP01
Ultra-Lite 8.5/11.5 Firing Pin Kit CZ SP01
8.5lb Hammer Spring
10X Barrel Bushing For Standard Barrel CZ
CZ Shadow/2/75/SP01 Floating Trigger Pin
Front Sight Retaining Pin
CZ Production Legal Hammer Kit
Plastic Guide Rod for CZ Shadow 2
Reduced Power Firing Pin Spring
Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring
T3 Disconnector-Fitting Required

Sold Out:
Recoil Springs
Shadow 2 Firing Pin Kits

Let us know if you have any special requests. They will be pre-order. Our order is expected early October.

Contact us via email or telephone, we rarely monitor PMs