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    AR-15 history notes

    AR modern sporting rifle (hunting AR15 hunting AR-15 hunting AR15 modern AR-15 modern) <- 1 minute version <- 5 minute version

    The AR being restricted was accidentally a brilliant move by the anti gunners. They effectively managed to prohibit this generations Mauser action and primary sport rifle system by claiming it has "no sporting use".
    -- Epoxy7 ,8993422

    The only purpose of registration is future confiscation . I legally purchased , legally paid for , had legally registered and took legal possession of a Feather AT-22 , an SPAS-12 and a Stryker , only to have them confiscated and never received a dime for them . Solomon , not to be picky but during the interview the AR-15 came up and you said something to the effect that they have been restricted from the 'getgo' . Nope , i hunted with non-restricted AR's for over a decade before they were placed on the restricted list . Same with AK's , H&K's , Galiels , Armalites , FN's and the list is long . All went restricted or prohibited over their looks and if i could ban something just because it was ugly , goodbye Wendy . Incidently , the shooter in Montreal with the Mini-14 , that was Canadas first muslim terrorist attack and his semi-auto Mini-14 didn't even work . The woman hating muslim terrorist was absolutely mistaken when thinking he could convert a semi Mini-14 to full auto with a file and he had to re-cock the rifle for every shot as he didn't manage full auto and the gun wouldn't shoot semi-auto .
    -- atr

    In reality, so-called assault weapons are a popular choice among hunters and competitors alike.
    At the 2012 National Trophy Rifle Matches, all of the 1,300+ competitors used a semi-automatic rifle that the anti-gun lobby calls an assault weapon. Based on an estimate by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, at least 3.3 million AR-15 rifles were sold in the United States between 1986 and 2009. The AR-15 is particularly favored for its modularity, accuracy, light weight, and low recoil—attributes that make it ideal not only for shooting sports but also armed self-defense. As such, it is the epitome of what America's founders sought to protect when they wrote the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. According to Senator Feinstein, so-called assault weapons have been used in 385 murders since the AWB expired in 2004, or about 48 murders per year. But there were 8,583 total murders with guns in the United States in 2011, meaning so-called assault weapons were used 0.6% of the time. This represents a decrease in murders from so-called assault weapons compared to the decade when the AWB was in effect, even though such weapons are more common today. All else being equal, a gun that is commonly owned is more likely to be used for legal or illegal purposes than a gun that is rarely owned. Outlawing guns that are popular today will only make different guns popular tomorrow
    they are pretty customizable and are the Honda Civic of guns (as far as part availability and mods go, not reliability).

    It's a great calibre in the right application - low recoil, as 'inherently' accurate as a lot of other cartridges, although some die hards still think the 50+ years old .222 has the edge.
    In an old copy of COTW, the .223 was listed as a "marginal varmint cartridge out to 300 yds". That was before it's widespread use as a military calibre when our service rifle was the FN C1 7.62mm.
    With a lot of development and experimentation re: ROT and bullet weights, it has become the standard cartridge for today's urban CQB rifles. The AR 15 platform has to have the most after market accessories in the world.
    -- Sharps '63

    Took the g/f to the range today. She did the vast majority of the shooting (I was fine with that) and it turns out she's not a fan of my rimfires (Lakefield Mk II and a Cooey 64b) in terms of ergonomics. She also can't hit anything more accurate than the backstop with a pistol (try and try as I might to teach her sight alignment, this is going to take a while, so I'll be picking up a rimfire since it's cheaper to feed.) She's also a teensy bit recoil sensitive (even my nose-heavy .223 bolt action was too much for her, let alone the .308) and pretty much hates "conventional" stocks.
    Now, give the girl an AR15, and she'll ring the 4" gong on the 100m line all damn day!

    -- Grizz Axxemann;225270

    The AR-15 Is More Than a Gun. It’s a Gadget

    The AR-15 is easier to aim than any handgun. The recoil from an AR is dwarfed by the recoil from a shotgun so it is much easier for my wife and daughters to use. It is much easier to maintain muzzle awareness with a rifle than a handgun, so in that regard an AR-15 is safer than any handgun. It's easy to reload and 30 round capacity means you will not be as vulnerable to multiple assailants.
    -- hxxp://

    Joe Clark took the AR 15 off the restricted list during his short term in office as PM as I recall.
    -- Helsinki Cowboy;11409586 (Joe Clark Prime Minster 1979-1980)
    in 1977, Ottawa made the Colt AR-15 semi-automatic rifle a restricted weapon, much to the consternation of gun groups. Joe Clark’s government reversed this decision, although the Liberals again declared it a restricted arm in 1998.

    • Pre-1977 - Non-Restricted
    • 1977 to 1979 - Restricted (Trudeau - Bill C-51 - Criminal Law Amendment Act - Introduced FAC)
    • 1979 to 1992 - Non-Restricted (Joe Clark)
    • 1992 onwards - Restricted (Mulroney with Kim Campbell - Bill C-17 - SOR/98-462)

    -- ctcs;11410369

    The AR classification is the biggest cluster f$ck ever. From
    - restricted
    - non restricted
    - back to restricted
    go figure
    Actually, it was:
    -over the counter (from first production until late 70's)
    -restricted (about late 70's to approximately 1980, then restriction lifted)
    -over the counter (until 1992)
    -restricted (to the present time)
    The lifting of the restriction in approximately 1980 came about because of a court challenge. [see Nostran;12735897]
    I bought my first AR-15 over the counter in 1982, and they'd been sold freely for some time before that, so I think 1980 would be a close estimate.

    The AR-15 in Canada was
    - pre-1977 - Non-Restricted, sold over the counter from first production until 1977
    - 1977 to 1979 - Restricted (Trudeau - Bill C-51 - Criminal Law Amendment Act - Introduced FAC)
    - 1979 to 1992 - Non-Restricted (Joe Clark. )
    - 1992 onwards - Restricted (Conservatives Mulroney with Kim Campbell - Bill C-17 - SOR/98-462)

    * Restricted Weapons Order, P.C. 1977-3667, 22 December 1977 which put the "Colt Model AR-15" on the restricted firearms list
    * The "Colt Model AR-15" was removed from the restricted category by Restricted Weapons Order, amendment, P.C. 1979-2893, 25 October 1979.
    -- CV32

    Timeline on the AR15 Rifle in Canada.
    1965. Semi automatic AR15 Rifles begin to be commercially produced and marketed by Colt Firearms in the U.S.A. The rifle enjoys little popularity due to the M16 controversy in Vietnam War, plastic construction and it's small caliber. Few imported into Canada due to lack of interest or demand.
    1969. Federal Liberal government introduces "restricted weapons" classifications. All handguns and machine guns registered with RCMP prior to 1969 become "restricted weapons". Restricted weapons require registration, approval of transfer to new owner and permit to carry for transport.
    1969/1970. Colt AR15 rifles begin to be imported into Canada in greater numbers as interest in in them grows among military rifle collectors, target shooters, varmint hunters, farmers and ranchers for pest and predator control.
    1970 - 1975. Popularity of Colt AR15 rifle continues to grow and imports continue to increase.
    1975 - 1978. Crime and civil disorder dominate the headlines in Canadian media. Gun control lobby pushes for more restrictions on firearms ownership and use, targets semi automatic rifles and handguns. Federal Liberal government introduces several gun control bills containing firearms licensing, gun bans and even universal registration which fail due to public opposition.
    1978. Federal Liberal government passes Bill C-51 which imposes F.A.C. for purchase of all firearms, ban on all registered machine guns, restrictions on "short barreled" semi automatic rifles and also restrictions on Colt AR15 and several other semi automatic rifles. Colt AR15 rifles are "restricted" and treated as handguns for the first time. Total numbers of newly restricted rifles submitted for registration never released.
    1980. Colt AR15 rifles removed from restricted list after lobbying of the Joe Clark PC Government by the National Firearms Association (NFA). Other semi automatic rifles remain restricted due to barrel length.
    1985. Semi Automatic FN FAL rifles reclassified as restricted by Mulroney PC Government, require registration and carry permits as handguns.
    1985 - 1989. Gang violence, shootings and civil disorder in major US cities highlighted in Canadian media. Gun control movement begins both sides of the border
    1989. Montreal Massacre committed by Marc Lepine with a Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle. Gun Control Lobby begins national campaign for legislation in Canada.
    1990. PC Justice Minister Kim Campbell introduces legislation to ban guns and target the lawful ownership and use of all firearms Bill C-80. Bill C-80 dies on order paper due to public opposition and lack of support among PC Members of Parliament.
    1991. PC Justice Minister Kim Campbell re introduces legislation to ban guns and target lawful ownership and use of all firearms, Bill C-17. Legislation is passed and implementation begins. Colt AR15 and numerous other semi automatic firearms declared restricted, require registration as handguns. Others prohibited outright. Total numbers of firearms submitted for registration never released
    1993. PC Government of Prime Minister Kim Campbell defeated in a landslide by the Liberals. PC Party reduced to 2 seats in Parliament. Liberals form majority government with Bloc Quebecois as official opposition. Reform Party elected with over 50 MPs from Western Canada for first time.
    1994. Liberal Government and gun control lobby prepare legislation against firearms under the leadership of Justice Minister Allan Rock, Bill C-68, for the first time including mandatory firearms licensing for simple ownership or possession of firearms, ban on half of the registered handguns in Canada, universal registration of all firearms including rifles and shotguns. Majority of semi automatic firearms restricted and registered under Bill C-17 declared prohibited under Bill C-68.
    During hearings on what quickly becomes very controversial legislation, Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA) declares Service Rifle Competitions with military and civilian competitors in Canada will be ended if AR15 is prohibited under the legislation. By this time C7A1 is Canada's military service rifle, AR15 is civilian semi automatic equivalent and is used in competitions.
    Liberal Government relents, allows AR15 to remain "restricted" but promises Gun Control Lobby they will be prohibited "at a later date".
    1994. Clinton "assault weapons" ban passed in the United States, placing mostly cosmetic restrictions on AR15 and other semi automatic firearms.
    1994 to Present. AR15 and other pattern semi automatic rifles see dramatic increase in popularity due to their controversial nature and the modular nature of their designs. Increased availability of traditional hunting calibers makes AR15 popular among hunters south of the border. Popularity continues to increase in Canada despite federal restrictions and gun control laws. Increased production of the design as firearms manufacturers large and small compete for a piece of the AR15 market. Demand continues to grow.
    1995 - 2003. Implementation of controversial and unpopular C-68 Firearms Act is attempted in Canada. Becomes national political issue and source of increasing controversy and embarrassment for the Liberal Government. In 2003, Federal Auditor General discovers gun control program is 500% over budget with many costs hidden in other departments of the government.
    2004 Federal Election. First Paul Martin Liberal minority government after a decade of Liberal majority governments.
    2004. 1994 Clinton AW Ban "Sunsets" in United States.
    2005 Federal Election. Liberal Government faces new Conservative Party under former Reform Party MP Stephen Harper. Prime Minister Paul Martin promises national handgun ban if Liberal Party returned to power.
    2006 January. Liberals defeated. Conservative minority government elected under Stephen Harper.
    2008. Second Harper Conservative minority government.
    2011 Federal Election. Harper Majority Government.
    2012. National "long gun registry" ends in Canada. No other firearms law reforms enacted.
    2014. RCMP reclassifies 14,000 non restricted semi automatic rifles as prohibited. Amnesty for possession introduced by federal Minister of Public Safety.
    2015. National Firearms Association (NFA) introduces petition in Parliament asking for reclassification of AR15 Rifles as non restricted firearms.
    2015. Bill C-42 reverses RCMP reclassification of 14,000 semi automatic rifles and makes other minor Firearms Act reforms. AR15 rifles unaffected. Conservatives defeated after 9 years in power in 2015 federal election.
    -- Dr van Nostran;12734248

    As for the idea that the AR-15 isn't a good hunting rifle, it is used for hunting. American citizens didn't buy 10 million of the things in case of a government uprising. Watch any of the Discovery Channel's Alaska shows, or Yukon Men (filmed in Alaska), and you'll see some of them hunting with AR-15's and Handguns. The reason that happens is it is a practical choice and they are free to do so. The AR-15 is particularly favored for its modularity, accuracy, light weight, and low recoil—attributes that make it ideal not only for shooting sports but also for handicapped or smaller shooters such as women, and wilderness where weight and size are issues. It's a practical tool. Wolves don't attack in packs of one. Canadians used to use them for coyotes quite often back before its classification was changed to restricted (range only, no hunting). The .223 bullet that it fires is certainly good as a varmint cartridge out to 300 yds. In some states it's legal to hunt deer with it, in other states it's prohibited as being too small. Average weight of a white-tailed deer is 125 pounds or 60 kg.
    In reality, AR-15s are a popular choice among hunters and competitors alike. The recoil from an AR is dwarfed by the recoil from a shotgun or 30-06 so it is much easier for wives and children and handicapped to use.

    how to talk to folk
    "Who needs an AR-15"
    AR15 is awesome. It's one of the most popular rifles in history. It was
    It was light weight, it was reliable. It shot a high pressure small bullet with very little recoil.
    It's great for medium sized game like wolves and coyotes and wild boar (alberta currently has a problem with) -- those types of animals perfect for AR15's for hunting.
    The military proved people could pack it around. It was light weight.
    Being the most ubiquitous rifles in human history the parts are available everywhere. The parts availability and the upgrade availability is infinite.
    And that's why people are so into their ARs. It's like a lego gun. You can just buy these different kits and the thing just takes a completely different shape.
    A lot of people build their own. They've got them with short barrels and long barrels.
    They can make it M16 style, or long stretched out modern gunfighter style, you've got sport ARs, you've got high end ARs. You can pay $4000 for an AR15 or you can pay $750 bucks.
    There's so many out there and you can mix and match all kinds of stuff. It's like customizing your car.
    And the fact that it's side eject even from the 1950's means you can mount your optics anywhere on the gun you want.
    They're great for children, adolesents of small stature. You don't want to give them a gun that's going to push them over because that's no fun. The AR15 really loud, you get a nice flash off the muzzle, and so the kids love it and it's not a danger to them to actually operate.
    For women it's perfect. Women can handle the AR15. You can shoot an AR15 with one hand. A fantastic all around firearm, that's why they're popular.
    -- Rod Giltaca v=-7sKmD3meLs

    "semi-auto's like the AR15 should be banned?"
    The reason you have it is its the modern evolution of a firearm. We have semi-auto's now. Now we don't have to pump the action on a pump action. Now we don't have to run the lever on a lever action. Now we don't have to run the bolt on a bolt action. It's a semi-auto.
    Semi-auto's are great for hunting.
    -- Rod Giltaca v=-7sKmD3meLs

    how to talk to folk
    "Firearms are just for hunting."
    That's ludicrus. Firearms are not just for hunting. Firearms are used around the world every day to protect life, to save lives. But people ignore that. Firearms save infinitely more lives than they take, that's a fact that's born out by evidence. The Korean shopowners on the roof of the LA Riots.
    When it comes to semi-auto's in general, you want an effective firearm for whatever it is that you're doing. If you're sport shooting you need a semi-auto. You don't sport shoot with a bolt action. You long range shoot with a bolt action, but that's a completely different thing.
    You need a semi-auto for hunting certain animals. If you wtrike an animal like a wild bore with a 223 or 5.56 NATO, what if the animal doesn't die right away? You want to shoot it again so it doesn't suffer, and so that it can't maim and kill you. Hunting is not at all about making animals suffer. It may take you forever to line up another shot with your bolt action. So AR15's are great for that.
    Semi-automatic's are also used for protection of life. You need a semi-automatic if your opponent has a semi-automatic. It only makes sense.
    A lot of people have had their lives saved by AR15s. There have been multiple stories in the United States where it's a little more common for people to defend themselves with firearms, with children that had shooting experience were home during a home invasion, and were able to save them and their siblings because they had an AR15.
    I know it's hard for some people to understand, but there's a basic human right, and that's the right to defend your life when someone tries to kill you rape you assault you or threaten you while they are taking your things. Sometimes people get detached from that basic human right, but you have a right to do that. The tool helps you do that more effectively, or makes the difference equalizes the engagement. I can't see how that's a bad thing.
    -- Rod Giltaca v=-7sKmD3meLs

    Petition to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
    • The current firearm legislation classifies the semi-auto Armalite Rifle - 15 and variants as restricted when there is no inherent difference between it and that of hundreds or thousands of other firearms in Canada which have been, in due process, classified as non-restricted;
    • The restriction on the AR-15 and its variants prohibits the use of this semi-automatic modern sporting rifle from being used for lawful purposes such as hunting;
    • This rifle has been ultimately restricted purely because of cosmetic appearance of the rifle which does not make the rifle more dangerous. It has been assembled with modern day materials (plastic & aluminium) and that shouldn't be the merit to base a rifle for restricted classification as there are thousands of other rifles like it used on a day to day basis for legitimate purposes;
    • This rifle is the most versatile hunting rifle in the world. The calibre can easily be changed to meet lawful provincial hunting requirements from small game to big game animals without the need to purchase multiple gaming rifles; and
    • The Armalite Rifle - 15 was in fact legal to hunt with before the mid 1990's firearm classification changes and we hunters would like that opportunity restored.

    We, the undersigned, Lawful Firearm Owners of Canada, request (or call upon) the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to Re-classify the Armalite Rifle - 15 back to non-restricted status so we can once again use this rifle to lawfully participate in the Canadian cultural practices of hunting.
    -- 25,249 signatures.

    Firearm enthusiasts have long held that the AR-15 is not “high-powered” nor any more dangerous than a standard modern rifle. This is indisputably true. They have also held the belief that AR-15s are more commonly used in mass shootings simply because it’s a popular rifle. This is mostly true.

    Australian Contract Shooters Feral Pigs NSW (AR-15, semi-auto hunting)

    If you want a full metal, ghost (no serial number), AR-15, it really is just that easy. Anyone out there can learn how to load the code (the code has existed for years) into a Tormach mill in about a day and start cranking them out. Just one of the MANY facts that the liberals and their bought and paid for left wing media will NEVER tell the public.
    -- blacksmithden;699771

    There's not a military in the world that uses the AR-15.
    In the USA, the most common weapon in a mass shooting is a handgun.
    In 2018 Toronto's mass murders, the rental van killed 5 times more than the guy with the handgun. Canada's largest mass murder was at the Blue Bird Cafe, and that was by arson.
    Licenced Canadian firearms owners shoot half a billion rounds a year (statcan import statistics). Firearms ownership is an incredibly popular activity. It's also one of the safest sports, with injury rates significantly lower than baseball, basketball, billiards, bowling, cheerleading, football, golf, hockey, snowboarding, winter skiing, tennis, etc., and even our national sport lacrosse.
    If you look into it, you'll find that Canadian firearms owners are already excessively burdened with laws and regulations with draconian penalties. Additional restrictions are both unwarranted and counterproductive in terms of public safety.

    The AR-15 is a good varmint hunting rifle. American citizens didn't buy 10 million of the things in case of a government uprising. Watch any of the Discovery Channel's Alaska shows, or Yukon Men (filmed in Alaska), and you'll see some of them hunting with AR-15's. But not in Canada, where it's restricted to CFO approved firing ranges only. AR-15s are a popular choice among hunters and competitors alike. The recoil from an AR is dwarfed by the recoil from a shotgun or 30-06 so it is much easier for women and children and handicapped to use. Non-restricted semi-auto rifles are needed in Canada for predator control etc..

    Ironically, if you honestly want fewer of these guns in Canada, then elect a Conservative government.
    In the USA, Obama was threatened more gun control, and gun sales went through the roof (NICS). After Trump several gun manufacturers are flirting with bankruptcy due to drops in sales.
    In Canada, since Justin Trudeau assumed office the rate of new firearms licences per year has gone up. If it continues at this rate licenced firearms owners will be 8% of the voting public in a few years, a significant voting block.
    Bill Blair threatened to ban AR-15's early in 2019. Twenty Thousand plus Canadians that month have purchased AR15's. This was in direct protest of the threat of banning and possible confiscation of these very same sporting rifles. At an average price of $1,000 we Canadians put our money where our hearts are. No hesitation. This action speaks louder than any words. The value of 20,000 AR15's at $1,000 each is easily $20,000,000 Canadian Dollars. Each dollar honestly earned and honestly spent.
    Canadian Firearms Program averages 900 firearms transfers per day, & reports 1800 AR-15 transfers a day, due to the possibility of a ban. These are never before seen numbers.


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    Very informative. In retrospect, I wish I had bought one back when I first started.

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    Added 1963 & 1964 ads that say "Colt AT-15 Sporter" to the end of the original post

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    All of that just to say, in effect, the AR-15 is just a firearm.
    To show that men can travel to the moon and return, use the American experience.

    To show that public safety isnít hurt by responsible individuals carrying to protect life, use the American experience.

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