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    Rory, much appreciated and I will look into Williams.

    I'm okay with the Henry front sight, though, so hopefully moving the rear down a bit fixes my problem enough.

    It seems like I may be able to go down farther, but the threaded post of the screw is down as far as it can into the sight base.

    That post is very long, though, and if I'm able to take 1-2mm off of that, I should be able to get the round part of the peep right down flush with the base (it's still about 1mm off it, but it won't go any farther).
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    Make sure that the post is actually bottoming out and you haven’t just run out of threads on the shaft of the peep sight. Won’t matter how much you file off the bottom at that point, it’s time to die. (as in tap & die)
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