View Poll Results: Does posting pictures of "assault weapons" being used in lawful hunting and sporting sway

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  • Yes, it helps in every way.

    14 43.75%
  • Yes, partially, because it might help sway the "fence sitters" and Fudds.

    4 12.50%
  • No, the Anti-gun people don't care anyways.

    13 40.63%
  • No, it makes it WORSE: it shows how "deadly" they are on human sized targets.

    1 3.13%
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    people don't understand the difference between an AR design and a Rem 700 in a chassis, to them they're military kill all the children guns. education is required, the media is the only fast educator available

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    Watched a great episode of Shooting USA last night. They were covering a junior skeet/trap shooting championship somewhere in the central/eastern US. Massive trap range, hundreds of kids walking around with shotguns. Just as many smiles happening too, and some pretty impressive team spirit shown by the kids.

    That's what being part of the gun owning community is all about. Be it a shotgun, bullpup, pistol, rifle, they all apply.

    More examples and images of folks just doing responsible stuff like that with their gun, whatever the gun, is a good thing imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awndray View Post
    Drop the words modern and sporting. They're rifles. That's it. They can be bolt action, break action, semi-automatic, whatever. They there's no need to add sporting, just as there's no need to add assault. They're rifles. Full stop.
    How about Just Too Friggin Expensive rifles?
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