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    Lube those breech plugs........please.

    Had a buddy come over with his muzzle loader with a busted nipple. damn thing is hardened, long drill I have won't touch it. This is a Traditions bolt muzzle loader not a break action so not as easy to drill. barrel won't come out of action and the breech plug is rusted I'm afraid. Tomorrow is another day and I will get some penetrating goop going to work, and go from there. I quite working on it at 6 cause my knees are killing me, damn arthritis is acting up big time. Told the guy we could use the chop saw or acytelene torch to cut it out. Never had to get that medievil.....yet.

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    Try plugging the hole in the breech plug and pouring a few inches of good penetrating oil in the barrel. Leave the gun upright in a corner for a day or two. It’s worked before....

    The T/C Impact is notorious for that plug sticking. I try to remember to just hand thread mine in after the end of season clean. With a dab of dielectric grease on the plug of course.
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