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    Pics from NAS Customer Appreciation Day 2019

    I had a great time at the NAS Guns and Ammo 2019 Customer Appreciation Day!

    It even felt a bit like a TACCOM reunion with so many familiar faces….such as Will from Atlanta Arms

    Dave, fellow High Capacity contributor and CCFR rep

    And several others as you will see soon!

    It was very busy inside

    I really like the rustic look of the store

    Given my recent affinity for PCCs, I was anxious to see the TNW Aero Survival Rifle in person. Not only can you take this gun down, you can easily swap calibers! I watched a Hickok45 review last night in anticipation and he commented that the gun seemed small, keeping in mind he is 6’8” tall! Yes, it was compact but not overly so…I found it quite comfortable. It was also heavier, or beefier than I expected….it certainly did not feel cheap, quite robust in fact. The bottom line is that I like it and am anxious to shoot one!

    Speaking of survival guns, here is something you don’t see every day, the Midland Backpack…a folding single shot shotgun! This one was in 12 gauge as the shorter barreled one in 20 gauge sold just before I arrived.

    As you might have seen in my post-TACCOM comments, someone tracked down a BNIB Commemorative Edition M17 for me and I am waiting for the transfer to go through. In the meantime, NAS had a standard M17 to check out…yup, glad I bought one.

    It was also great to see Tim again, he was on site working on customers’ SIG guns. I do like that SIG airgun he is holding. It is a lot heavier than you might think…feels a lot like real steel.

    Tim’s table was set up where the Nanuk cases are usually displayed…last time I was at NAS, there were even more Nanuk cases set up here.

    More familiar faces…Dave from Grand Power with an X-Calibur Match like the one I shot two weeks ago at Select Range Day…I liked it a lot and now I had the opportunity to look at it in closer detail outside of a range setting.

    And Mitch from Auscan with his line of race Glocks.

    These are built on P90 frames and every part is replaced and/or hand tuned/finished.

    I really like the aggressive texture on the P90 grip….and note the Auscan baseplate

    And the details like the single and double undercuts, accelerator cut, huge mag release with cutout, in-house made compensator, suppressor height sights, and RMR cut etc. etc. Mitch had several barrel options such as DLC and slide options in many Cerakote colours.

    For those who like more traditional guns, how about a Marlin in curly maple?

    Still not traditional enough? How about some vintage guns, a Bren and a Sten

    Vortex optics…i finally got to try the Fury HD with built in laser range finder…the last two times I saw one the battery was not installed lol. Having a built in rangefinder is super handy and IMHO at $1650 this is a great value compared to the $3000-$4000 you might pay with Zeiss or Swarovski.

    The CCFR, needed now more than ever

    Thanks to Code of Arms for the coffee

    Lots of sales going on today..such as the buy one get one free on MECHANIX GLOVES..i ended up picking up some mags.

    Thanks again NAS, your staff was great and your customers appreciate you too!

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