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    Quote Originally Posted by kennymo View Post
    A silly rule, but you can’t cut down a barrel to less than 18” legally (Under 18.5” on a semi auto centrefire will make the firearm restricted). You can buy and install any length of barrel that will leave the gun longer than 26.5” overall and it will remain perfectly legal (18.5” or restricted rule still applies to semi auto centrefire). Unless the barrel is less than 4.25”, which might make it prohibited.
    Incorrect. The 105mm thing is for handguns only.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimlock View Post
    I have heard someone say something even crazier. The 4.25" thing is a pistol rule, so technically if you found a factory 3" barrel and could keep the OAL over 26.5 you would be fine. This is probably entirely academic. I don't think that would be possible.
    Not crazy. It is true. For example, a 3" semi-auto AR15 is still only restricted and not prohibited by virtue of barrel length.

    Quote Originally Posted by 3MTA3 View Post
    Any recrowning I would do, would probably be with a facing tool at 11 degrees- I don't have a piloted counterbore - unless I am misunderstanding you.
    You will be fine. Just don't "cut down" or "shorten" the barrel ..... or at least don't admit to that. There is nothing illegal about re-crowning a barrel.

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    "...length down a bit and re-crowning it will..." Nope. That alone will not make the thing shoot better.
    Have you tried as many brands of ammo as you can?

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    I think dlask is blowing some short barrels out right now
    Why does the rest of the country get first dibbs on half my income?

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