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    TROY 102 Super CSSA Promo!

    TROY 102 Super CSSA Promo!

    Now is the time to take a stand…

    We are under attack from all sides and I think we can all agree we need to fight back. This fight unfortunately ultimately comes down to money.

    Last year during this time period we at Target Sports and The Shooting Edge held a membership drive for the CCFR and the CSSA and with this effort, added over 500 members between those two groups.

    This year we are going to do something a little more drastic and hopefully more substantial:

    For every Troy 102 sold until the end of October at The Shooting Edge and Target Sports Canada; we will donate $300 to the CSSA

    We specifically picked the Troy 102 for this fundraiser as it is: Black, Beautiful and Non-Restricted!

    There is no code, no promo ticket necessary…. All Troy 102 retail sales will see this money go directly to the CSSA to fight for our rights.



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