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    About what my AR180B-2 shot. Kinda wish I never sold it. But back then, there wasn't any fixes for the broken pivot pin.

    But I had a smith turn down the integrated muzzle break and thread it for 1/2-28mm, rear sight milled off, so could lower mount scopes, the buttstock cut off and a AR stock. Basically everything this was.

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    Not bad at all, considering that in my own experience cheap commercial .223 is no better than the old Chinese 5.56

    My Tikka sporter groups like that with Federal MSR
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3MTA3 View Post
    Pretty good-
    Question - Should this thread be in “ modern military rifles” or sporting?
    While it's modern military rifle forum, if we stuck to that description, ar15s, and all the rifles that aren't select fire would need to find another subforum.
    Should really call this forum 'modern sporting rifles'
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    Yes- change the names of the various thread groupings to things like Modern Sporting, or Historical-stupid yes, but maybe preemptive of unfavorable news coverage .
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