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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyMac View Post
    Get yourself a good solder sucker. Looks like a big syringe. It's a must if you are desoldering a board. Little heat and sucks the solder out of the holes. Makes placing the new part way easier.
    I usually use a De-Soldering Bulb. You can squeeze several times to get the solder off, without moving anything.

    I tried various wicks (sort of a spool of copper mesh wire braid), but never had any success with it.
    The bulb worked fine for me.

    This guy is really terrible with the bulb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linung View Post
    thinking about getting this one from amazon.

    half the price but no holder thingy.
    The one I showed you was the DeLuxe model with the LED magnifier.
    The other ones with just a mgnifying glass are 1/2 the price too.
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