G'day all. I'm likely taking advantage of a sale from a forum sponsor tomorrow and getting a Vudu 1-6x. It will eventually live on a Tavor 7 in 308 (Hey staying optimistic here.) but for the time being will sit on my AR. What I can't seem to decide on is whether to go with a 0 MOA scope mount or a 20 MOA mount. The vudu has a rated travel of 50 MOA. I'd like to try my luck with the 308 and push it as far out as I can (Pie in sky goal is 1km) so the 20 MOA base would be necessary. That being said, most of the time it'll be up to 300 yards or less and I'm wondering if I'm going to run into some optical issues at 1x and @100 yrd due to being close to the extents of travel.