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Thread: Stihl sharpener

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    Stihl sharpener

    Back when I was young I used a chainsaw at work and was decent at sharpening.
    That was more than a few years ago and I have lost the skill from lack of use. I saw some reviews for the stihl sharpener from some folk who clearly knew WTF they were doing.

    I ordered one and I have to say 10/10 product. The bars set the raker file and keep the round files at the correct hieght. My chain cuts like brand new as it is easy to stay consistent.

    Definitely recomend Screenshot_20191015-191135_Amazon Shopping.jpg

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    Interested. I am hard on my chains and could benefit from that gizmo.
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    I've used one for years. Even wore out a set of files or two.

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    Love it. I never could sharpen a chainsaw blade, with this, even I can do it. Its a real breeze to use.

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    I saw a Wranglerstar review on this around the time his videos started getting really dragged out and annoying. Seems like the cat’s azz.
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    Ive got an Oregon bench grinder/sharpener, but if I didnt, Id be buying one of the Stihl hand ones from the reviews Ive read. I dont think Ive read a single review that said they were bad.
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    I’ve used one for years, they are the cats meow. Come to think of it everyone I cut wood with uses one.

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    I have two. One for my MS170. And my MS270. Best thing that I have bought. Keeps the chain nice and sharp. I also use a chainsaw vice. When out in the woods.

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    I bought one about a year ago and I love it. Before this I would just buy a new chain every 6 months but this system is very effective and easy.

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    I'm lazy. My local Stihl dealer convinced me to buy two chains and bring in the dull one for sharpening. Eight bucks per go. Works for my weekend warrior cutting. My set up:


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