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    Given that
    • Most teachers are opposed to concealed carry in school (more concerned with the additional power dynamic separation when they want to get to know their students, less concerned with negligent discharge)
    • The teacher has to volunteer
    • The school administrator has to approve the individual teacher carrying
    • In Florida a psychiatrist has to approve the individual teach carrying
    • During the 100 hours of training, the teacher may withdraw their volunteerism
    • Teachers probably won't carry in when it's warm in Florida

    I think any concerns are about as rare as the terrorist/lunatic activity they're trying to stop.

    Any school where the teachers are afraid of their students or are beaten by their students, I'd bet that the school administrator won't approve carry.

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    I bet less teachers would be beaten by students if they thought the teacher might be carrying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swingerguy View Post
    I bet less teachers would be beaten by students if they thought the teacher might be carrying.
    I'd also bet that less students, or anyone else for that matter, hell bent on mass murder would be successful in carrying out their attacks. Which would be the main reason for carrying in my mind.
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    The deterrent effect of this is that even if not a single teacher carries, one doesn't know for certain. Same as with any other form of carry - the potential victim possibly being armed makes them less attractive - love the NRA mag armed citizen stories about the seniors with canes who get confronted and then pull an .25 or .32 and make the crook piss himself...

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