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    Liberals 50% tax on sale of home

    The author of the Liberal's secret plan to tax your home at 50% says there was no Liberal secret plan to tax your home at 50%.

    Liberal candidate Adam Vaughan, who wrote the secret plan to tax your home at 50%, says it's not a plan, it's not even a recommendation, it's a policy proposal. And insists that now that it isn't popular that it wasn't even his proposal, that it came from an unidentified person at a town hall.

    It would of course make new home ownership impossible, since banks would not mortgage a home if 50% of the value of the home could be seized the first year. Mortgages would require 75% down at a minimum.


    Enough of poking fun,
    the real story begins at
    and then the denial
    and then
    the denial denial
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