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    Mini 14 in Sparta Stock (stuck)

    Hi - need some advice on how to safely extract a Mini 14 from a Sparta stock.

    The blessed thing, second hand and clearly not serviced in a long time, is well and truly stuck in the stock that has shrunk a bit around it.

    No levering or prying out without breaking something.

    Can someone let me know the best way of carefully widening the stock / creating enough space to allow a proper disassembly.

    I also do not have the spacers that may have come originally with the stock, so would like to implement a solution to ensure the stock stays in shape while I work on the action.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try using some oil or lubricant and try to pop the action out
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    Wait till it gets really cold or stick it in the freezer.

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    Is a sparta stock plastic?
    Plastic expands and contracts more than metal, so some heat should help. Maybe put it in a box with a lightbulb? Or a halogen work light?
    Or bring it in the sauna with you.
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    The Sparta stock is said to be made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer.

    I tried to get the trigger assembly out of the bottom but no luck.

    The main action on top also would not move.

    The top rail came off after I put WD 40 on the screws in the side and was able to crack them with a lot of down pressure.

    Even if I can get it out, I will need something to work as a Spacer to hold the thing in shape.

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