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    Trudeau's election win came with an assist from Big Labour

    Oct 30 2019

    When I was playing minor hockey in the 1980s the greatest player in the game was, of course, Wayne Gretzky.

    Game after game, practice after practice, our coaches would drill into our heads that Wayne Gretzky was so good because he had more assists than goals ó he set people up to win.

    In the 2019 election, just as with the 2015 election, Justin Trudeau is where he is courtesy of a big assist from organized labour and other assorted groups who spent big money to keep him in power and block the Conservatives.

    Initial filings from Elections Canada submitted one week before the election show that unions spent close to $2.5 million ó and counting ó to either ensure a Trudeau victory or a Conservative defeat.

    The interesting thing is that these filings donít include money unions spent to communicate with their own members, just what they spent to send their message to the general public.

    In Canada, third party election activities are pretty well regulated.

    Anyone spending more than $500 in advertising expenses for or against a political candidate must register and follow the rules.

    One of those rules, though, is that unions can spend whatever they want to communicate with their own members.

    So when you read that Unifor, my union, spent more than $1.2 million trying to influence the election, that doesnít necessarily include what they spent communicating with union members.

    That means the phone calls, emails, the material mailed to union members homes, is excluded.

    Same with the $453,000 spent by the Canadian Labour Congress, the $193,000 spent by the United Steelworkers, the $143,000 from the Public Service Alliance of Canada or the $65,000 from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

    That is just a taste of the union money spent this campaign, and it doesnít include the funds spent by groups like Leadnow ó the organization that still brags about defeating 25 Conservative MPs in the 2015 election all while taking money from American left wing foundations.

    Now if you had followed the media coverage of third-party groups during the election, you would have thought that all the money was being spent by shady right wing groups backing Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives.

    The truth is that groups on either side need to disclose their donors, including who gave what amount and when, and detail what they spent the money on all in public reports.

    Here is another fact: if you add up all the groups explicitly backing the Conservatives, they didnít even spend half of what Unifor spent.

    Canada Proud spent $289,000, while the Canada Growth Council spent $106,000.

    Even if you add in business groups seen as more aligned with the Conservative message but not actually campaigning for the Conservatives, it doesnít reach half.

    These are preliminary numbers that track spending up until one week before the election, and we still have to wait for the full figure but I donít expect it to change much proportionally.

    As a few people said to me, you donít do the majority of your spending to influence an election campaign in the last week.

    What does all of this tell us?

    Firstly that the push to ďget big money out of politicsĒ has failed.

    Itís just left unions as the only big money player left at the table.

    It also tells us that if the business community isnít happy with the policies coming out of this government then they need to get in the game either by spending the money themselves or backing groups that are effective in getting their message out.

    Otherwise, the Liberals and their allies will keep scoring goal after goal and win election after election all with a series of assists from big labour union bosses.


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    big labour,,, like the 450 Auto works laid off a couple of days ago,,, Oakville Ford plant

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    You just need to watch tv or listen to the radio for a day prior to the election to hear/see where the money is going

    The fact an article like this even needs to be written is mind boggling, any idiot with a pulse should be able to put 2 and 2 together.
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    Too many can't put their finger and thumb together.

    Allow our Rightful Liberty or .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterloomike View Post
    Too many can't put their finger and thumb together.
    ...with their eyes open.

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    Union leaders just more parasites living off their members.

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    Collectively they spent an awful lot of dues money to buy a minority government.
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