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    Fun Time at the range with Sig Sauer 1911-22

    Recently I picked up a rimfire pistol Sig Sauer 1911-22
    I've been thinking about getting one for sometime and at $299.99 the price was right. (thanks to Tenda)

    Last week I finally got my registration certificate, so I took it out to the range for the first time this past Saturday.

    I put a few hundred round through it, and used several different ammo.

    It does not like Winchester ammo. I put a full mag in it would fire and not reload the next round or fire but not eject the round that is in there. At first it was happening for like the first three rounds, then it would pew pew good for the rest of the magazine. So I think to myself maybe it is partly a mag issue so I try it with one round. Then with two round and it starts to act up. So from now I have to be careful with my ammo and not use Winchester with the pistol. I have tried Federal and Remington. Both of them work fine with no issues. I will need to try some CCI with it, just cause I still have some.

    The biggest complaint I have is that the magazine would only hold ten rounds. It's basically pew pew and what? out of ammo already? This is one of those times you would want at least a 50 round mag and anyone who says or thinks otherwise is a Nazi.

    Other then that there are some minor issues. There is a magazine lock. So if the magazine is not inserted in it, the gun will not fire. I find it annoying. The magazine sometimes doesn't eject. You have to take a closer look at the slide catch. Sometimes it doesn't catch properly and the eject button is locked and does not work. Simply pull the slide back and push the slide catch properly in and everything works properly again. Finally when putting the firearm back together, the slide catch gets stuck on the spring loaded end of the slide lock. I had to use the small torque wrench that is included with the pistol to depress it so I can work the slide catch in.

    One thing worth noting is that Sig doesn't actually make this pistol. From my we searches, this appears to be contracted out to GSG and the Sig Sauer website has no information on this pistol. The instruction booklet is printed in English and has all the Sig logo and contact info. The barrel is stamped Sig Sauer. Also worth noting, that my pistol came with two magazines and that some of the older listing for this pistol only has one mag. The instruction booklet also says it comes with one mag, so at some point an extra mag was included as part of the package.

    In conclusion, this is a fun pistol to shoot. I lost track of my round count and I made Swiss cheese out of the target I was shooting at so there is no way to count it. I would fully recommend this for anyone who is interested in a 22LR pistol.
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