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    The Alberta Order of Excellence
    Hon. A. Anne McLellan PC OC LLM LLD (hon)
    Inducted: 2013

    In her first Cabinet post, as Minister of Natural Resources, Anne played a key role in the development and promotion of the Alberta oilsands resource on the national stage.

    Her first foray into politics was as the Liberal candidate for the riding of Edmonton Northwest in the 1993 general election, when she won her seat by 12 votes. She quickly became a rising star in the Liberal Party, being one of four Liberals elected in Alberta, and was named to cabinet as Minister of Natural Resources. McLellan has the prenominal "the Honourable" and the postnominal "PC" for life by virtue of being made a member of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada on November 4, 1993.

    She was re-elected by narrow margins in the new riding of Edmonton West in the 1997 and 2000 elections, despite the Liberals' general unpopularity in Alberta. Her frequent narrow escapes gave her the nickname "Landslide Annie" in Canadian political circles.

    McLellan served as Minister of Justice from 1997 to 2002, with responsibility for implementing new anti-terror and security laws following the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States, and the implementation of the Canadian gun registry.


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    And Kenney applauds this? I'm really beginning to think that his loyalties are more kanuckezuelan than Albertan. Oh well, this will at least add steam to the Wexit locomotive.

    On annie herself, a less than honorable career at the u of a, always a mysterious ballot box or two in her riding showing up on election night. I heard from a reliable source that the night she lost to Laurie Hawn she was beside herself, almost as if she couldn't believe it. Or almost like she might have thought the fix was supposed to be in.
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    Hello ? Fox ? Can you please advise us on how to manage the hen house. Oh, and we'll need more eggs out of those hens real soon. Heres a list of answers we'll be needing from you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckbuster View Post
    Anne McLellen...well, that should be about as helpful as Heinrich Himmler for immigration.
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    Not surprising ; these old has been politicians just keep returning to the trough so that they can fill their pockets with taxpayer cash ; it just never seems to end .
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