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    RV Parks and Wrestling....

    So Victoria is just clear of the Gulf Coast industrial heartland and thatís a good thing even though it means commuting 45-50 mins each way. The interesting thing is how much my craft pay in pad rent to dock their trailers, on average $600/mo. Land here by one of the little towns averages $5,500/acre and thatís with utilities to the property line. My buddy just got 5acres, put in a pretty elaborate septic field along with water and electric services. The day after his final inspections where signed he had 60 trailers docked.

    The triangle between Dow, Formosa and Alcoa ensures non-stop construction and shutdowns, makes one think from an investment point of view, after the money upfront a pretty low maintenance affair. Give a free pad to your caretaker and a few extra bucks and done....

    From a more leisure viewpoint, our local peeler bar has a oiled up wrestling event tonight, the waitresses versus the dancers, management has to do all the drink slinging. Could be entertaining.

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    The wrastlin sounds like good family entertainment.
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    RV parks are pretty easy cash, if you can minimize the possible mayhem factor...

    Storage units are even easier as a cash cow. Especially if you can move the rental application totally online and automatically bill the CC.

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