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    Many people seem to use a propane torch to brown their steak after cooking.
    Not the low heat butane ones, nor the little kitchen ones (Creme Brulee torch).
    The recommended one the Benzomatic TS8000 "Max Heat". (The TS-4000 is 'only' 6,732 Btu/hr output, whereas the TS-8000 is over twice as powerful at 14,282 Btu/hr).
    I have a TS8000 in my garage so I might give it a try.

    Alternative tips for the TS8000 include

    • propane smell in house
    • propane taste in food
    • smoke in the kitchen (one of these days I'm going to exhaust my stove to the outside)
    • setting fire to the house (it's one thing to solder pipes, but my kitchen during meal prep has flammables everywhere.
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