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    Armadillo Supply in US

    Have anyone heard of Armadillo Supply ( or ) in the US ?
    I am looking for some Safariland Comp III speedloader and they seem to be the only outfit that will ship to Canada. is permanently out of stock and can't seem to find any local shop that carries the Comp III.

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    For some very daft reason, speed loaders are restricted for export under ITAR by the U.S. Federal government. They require the U.S. State Department's export permit. If Armadillo chooses to ignore that, it's going to cost 'em a bundle of money. It is not an issue for you if you are not trying to export 'em in your coat pocket.
    Even if they were not restricted for export, the manufacturer must have a U.S. Commerce Dept. exporter's licence. Different thing from the State Department's export permit. doesn't ever have stock of anything. They're just a site on the internet. They do not sell anything.
    Anyway, speed loaders are sold according to the make and model of revolver. They are not generic.

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    There is a legal way of exporting that will cost you far less IF the FFL will do it. A ITAR export permit is still needed however can cost you very little. Talk to them.

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