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    Milwaukee carry on power power supply

    Just saw an ad for this.

    I wonder is this would be of much use either on it's own, or along with a generator?
    I'm thinking you could run the furnace on this for the day, and recharge it when you run the generator to keep the freezer frozen? (Just spitballin' here)
    It looks like it could be handy to have in a service truck, you could recharge it in the shop at the end of the day, and use plug in tools out in the field.
    I'm not sure what to think of it. (But I'm sure it will be expensive, so I'm probably not getting one.)
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    I saw something similar from Dewalt about a year and a half ago. The sales rep was using it to run a small Shop Vac for their new dust collecting hammer drill bits (hollow). I don’t think it had quite as much jam as this one though. The battery packs on that thing look like they’ll be worth a cordless kit or two each unfortunately.....
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