"...made for MG use..." That'd be SMG use and pretty much only in Russia and China. And not since W.W. II or maybe Korea. There just isn't any milsurp. The Third World Debating Club put an end to the trade in small arms ammo several years ago.
S&B, Prvi and Fiocchi load it for Tokarev pistols. No idea how easy it is to come by here.
The S&B stuff is an 85 grain FMJ at 1647 FPS. The Prvi is an 85 grain FMJ at 1722 FPS. The Fiocchi is an 85 grain FMJ at 1525 FPS with lower ME.
The .30 Mauser is very close, but uses a .309" bullet vs the .308" bullet the Tokarev uses. One thou is unlikely to matter.