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    Swiss Arms SA 22 / Sig Mosquito Slide issue

    Hi, I have a new SA 22 (the re-marketed Sig Sauer Mosquito) and have run into an issue. It's a 22 LR chambered Semi Automatic, in 1911 style, but around 90% of the size.

    It functioned well enough for the first 50 rounds, with Federal Blue Box HP ammo, but then the slide started to stick.

    The gun would fire properly, eject the empty case, but then stay open, i.e. : the action would not move forwards again and chamber a new round.

    I could, and tried a few times, manually force it forward to complete the action's movement, but decided to stop in case I ended up breaking anything.

    I had cleaned it thoroughly prior to use.

    Definitely something catching / rubbing against each other on the left top side inside between slide and action.

    Cleaned it again, same issue.

    Had a look at several You Tube videos and the slide lock screw isn't missing, nor is it any burr at the breech.

    Has anyone had a similar issue ?

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    I have an ISSC M22 that does the same on occasion, it's like the hold open is engaging, racking the slide usually clears the issue for me

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